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LEGO Star Wars Day

December 29, 2012

So it was a bit of a LEGO day. After the incredible success of the LEGO White House project, Josh and I got out some of our other LEGO gifts! The kitchen table was filled with LEGO all day long – what better things to put on the kitchen table? (Well, food is a very close 2nd).

First up, LEGO set 7956 – Ewok Attack! Josh got this on Christmas from Grandma Kennedy. Here is the box, the bags, and the boy. (the boy says “Hi!”)

Of course you have to build the mini-figs first! This set came with two Ewoks and a Scout Trooper. The Ewoks are super cute!

Then we sorted all the pieces into colour piles, then it’s a little easier to find the ones you want!

Speeder is finished, very very cool – who thinks of this stuff anyway?

And Ta Da! We now have the completed set! The tree house with secret weapons (rolling logs, catapults, cannons) and secret hiding spots! The Empire doesn’t stand a chance against the Ewoks!

Later on we moved to the LEGO 7673 Magna Guard Starfighter! (Now retired) Two magna droids and a total of 431 pieces! Took Josh and I about an hour to put it all together.

I don’t remember seeing this ship in the movies, so I’m thinking it’s from the Clone Wars. (But all you amazing Star Wars fans out there will surely let me know!) This ship was very interesting to build. It has a really cool sliding gear mechanism for opening the cockpit. Here’s a picture. It may be hard to see, but the LEGO designer made it really, really cool. Josh thinks it’s WAY better than the ones that open from the back!

Then there’s a cannon in the back of the ship. Here are two pictures a closed one – looks like a normal piece of a ship. And then you open it and you have two cannons that you can shoot! Very very neat.


We really liked how the ship was designed and here’s what the completed model looks like!


Now we’re playing with the Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, and Plo Koon’s ship and these together! May the Force be with Us!

Todd & Josh


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