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LEGO White House

December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas! Yep, that’s what my family said to me just a few days ago when they gave me the LEGO White House! Yes, LEGO has an Architecture series where they have re-created various famous buildings in a “grown-up” LEGO set. This is not your six-year-old’s LEGO for sure. Note these are not the scale of the typical LEGO mini-fig – no they are meant as a representation of the building – a mini-fig next to this would be a giant!

Just to backtrack – we love LEGO in our house! We have girl LEGO, boy LEGO, Pirates LEGO, Star Wars LEGO, Creator LEGO, City LEGO, Space LEGO, LEGO Advent Calendars, and of course Christmas LEGO (more on that one later). And we build LEGO, lots!

I’ve seen many of the Architecture series in the LEGO stores and online, but I’ve never had an opportunity to build one – here is my chance! Wow! Are there a lot of pieces! The package says 560 pieces – and they aren’t kiddding! AND they are all small pieces! The tips of my fingers were just raw after building it!

Here’s the package. Yep, comes in a nice, very solid, grown-up looking LEGO box, even has a somewhat bound instruction book (not just your stapled/folded sheets) By the way, did you know LEGO has a site where you can download PDF files of your instruction booklets? That way you can save them electronically in case you lose or damage your original instructions.


Upon opening, you are greeted with many bags of small LEGO parts. I was wondering what I was getting myself into!

I know, some of you are thinking “You’re not too smart Todd, are you seriously going to try to build a 560 piece LEGO set on a TV table?” Yes, I am!

Okay, so let’s get started. No, it doesn’t come with one big base plate, it comes with numerous smaller pieces so it has a re-inforced, not likely to warp/bend base. Very nice.

Got most of the walls up. I should’ve taken a close up, the majority of the set’s pieces are in these walls! The biggest piece is only two studs wide. Yikes, my fingers are burning already.

Walls are done.

Now adding some of the roof bracings. I’ve always been impressed with LEGO – they even design it to be sturdy when built so it’s not just going to fall apart when someone bumps it! Notice they even have figured out how to make nice columns?

And voila, an hour and a half later, with finger tips just raw, a finished product! It looks really, really great I would say! Josh was impressed, Rhonda was like “You’re finished already?” Now to find a home for it, I’m thinking it will look nice in my office.


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