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The Perfect Sandwich

December 24, 2012

Greetings readers! I have been quite behind in my blog posts, so I promise I’ll catch up with a whack of entries that have been piling up in my brain! (I know, I know – there’s lots of space in there, so keep piling them on!)

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of hanging out with just Josh and Hannah for a weekend, while Rhonda was away baking Christmas treats with her Mom, and sisters. We had just returned from Aspen Crossing, where Josh’s Christmas choir was performing, and the kids asked what was for lunch?

Well, we decided to have sandwiches, and they’re like “Come on Dad, we get sandwiches all the time.” Well not like Dad’s sandwiches! We took off and went to the Co-op to get some good ingredients – Italian bread, very good ham, beef, and turkey, and went home to make sandwiches.

You see, the quality of a sandwich is about 90% ingredients and 10% flair in making the sandwich. We setup on the island, the kids on two stools and I demonstrated how to make incredibly good sandwiches. You start with some good bread – lather the mayo on, add some salt and pepper. Then a couple of slices each of roast beef, ham, and turkey. Some lettuce, some nice Havardi cheese, and a pickle. Voila – perfect sandwich! Oh yes, and a little bit of mustard.

Served on a plate with some juice! The kids thought they were awesome, but couldn’t finish them – such a good sandwich. They talked about it all weekend long. Rhonda came home and they told her all about the awesome sandwiches their Dad made!





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  1. Heather Hayashi permalink

    There is something about a non-lunch bag sandwich that is pretty amazing! You know you might get roped into being the sandwich guy all the time. What does Rhonda think about that?

    • Ha! I don’t think there’s much chance of that happening! The perfect sandwich requires a little bit better meat and bread than what normally goes in the lunch bag!

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