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Windows 8: Enabling the Mobile Workforce

November 29, 2012


Jason Derocher

For some people, the first thing they pick up in the morning is their smartphone, in fact some use it as an alarm clock! There is a bit of a work-life blur…

Windows Phone 8

Phone is so customizable, that no two Windows Phone 8’s look the same. Intent is to reflect who you are! Phone is made “just for you!”

Windows Phone 8 runs on the same kernel or core as Windows 8. Shared Windows 8 Core…

For business:
Easy to integrate
Shared Windows Core, flexibility in deploying business apps, Microsoft mobile device management, EAS, Office 365

Robust security and encryption
Secured boot, etc.

Contribute with Office Mobile

Efficiently communicate

Skype for Windows Phone 8
Integrates right into phone experience. Call skype accounts (free) or phone. Free app for Windows Phone

Apps are coming online, currently 48 of the top 50 apps people use are already there on Windows Phone.

Microsoft figures there are 120,000 apps for Windows phone now. Interface is supposed to be people centric, vs. icon centric.

Windows Phone 8 – getting to be quite a bit of a variety… Selling four times as many as they were last year. 4 x 0 is still ….;)

Phone personalization is pretty neat – Can really set it up “socially” the way you’d like to use it!

There is a mobile sharepoint application coming out for the phone too…

Kids Corner – Really cool application where you can swipe once in your phone and give the kids their own interface to Windows Phone 8 so they don’t mess up the rest of your phone experience, or access things they shouldn’t.

NFC is really neat for sharing files between devices, paying for items, etc. Tap two phones together to share a file…

Strategy: Windows for Business

Windows 8 Mobility Enhancements
Network Connectivity Management
Active connection minimization
Block accidental interconnect of corporate and non-corporate networks – automatically disconnect broadband or 3G network when in corporate wi-fi. Connect to Ethernet, will shut off wi-fi.

Improved Wi-Fi reconnect from standby – reconnect in less than 2 seconds. Also now supports “Airplane Mode” – quick deactivation.

Using Group Policy can turn on metered Internet, so prevent the machine from installing Windows Updates if you aren’t on WiFi or Ethernet. Metered connection aware apps – image size, video quality, buffer size….

Range of Remote Access Alternatives
VPN, DirectAccess, RDS/VDI, Windows to Go
Windows Server 2012 has a Unified remote access server

VPNs connect the user to the network
DirectAccess extends the network to the computer and user

with DirectAccess your computer is always on the network, and can be managed, including policies, patches, remote wipe. DA is available under Windows 7 too…

Demonstrated Khan Academy app – which is free…
Stanford University App

Unified Remote Access: Off Premise Provisioning with DirectAccess
Enable clients to join the corporate network from offsite locations
– Create provisioning package
– Transfer or load on client

What if an employee’s computer dies, we can provide a secure portal to pull package, etc. down, can apply a provisioning package. Could also send them everything on a stick.

WindowsRT does not support DirectAccess at this time

Windows To Go
Very own Windows 8 desktop on a USB stick!;) Demonstration is with a 50 GB stick. USB 3.0, must be certified on Windows to Go.

Reboot from usb stick, you get full touch, full Windows 8. Can still be managed. Ports must be USB 2 or higher, and stick USB 3, certified for Windows to Go. No access to the local hard drive – it has been isolated under Windows To Go. Therefore if a machine is infected, it can’t mess up your stick, or vice versa. Also security problems are eliminated.

All hardware on the computer is available to Windows 8 To Go. Can remove the USB Windows To Go, and you have up to 60 seconds to replace it. If not, the machine shuts down. Can also provision bitlocker on the stick. No resume when hotplugging from device to device. However, you can shut down, and boot up on another device.

– Bring your own device – work from home, use personal computer at home.
– Your device fails, use a hotel computer, or something like that.
– Provision corporate desktop, redirected desktops, GPO’s, etc.

Windows to Go Creator in Windows 8
– Designed to provision a single drive with an Enterprise Image only.
– Need admin access
– Can be custom WIM or pointed at media
– Can enable BitLocker

Certified Windows to Go USB OEMs
Kingston, Super Talent, Western Digital, imation, spyrus



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