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Microsoft – Where Possibilities Begin

November 29, 2012


We are set up in the Endeavor Art Gallery space. Microsoft has done an excellent job of setting up the room. There are “pods” of tablets and other technologies around the edge of the room, comfortable lounges fill the room, which is dominated by a large screen, great speakers and sound systems, and of course signage and food. Microsoft staff outnumber customers, apparently partially due to the recent snow, and resulting not-so-nice roads.

Keynote Presentation

David Remmer, Manager of Technical Advisors
Developer and Platform Group
Microsoft Canada
Where Possibilities Begin – An Exploration

Four Megatrends Will Dominate the Next Decade:
BI/big data

David spoke briefly about the four megatrends and how critical it is for organizations to look at these, and really embrace them. Certainly there will be some issues to be resolved around architecture, security, infrastructure. Customers now have an expectation to get services 24 hours a day, and through multiple methods. Cloud really allows a lot of utility use of services, rather than building our own services on premise.

Embracing the Consumerization of IT
Four components to Microsoft Strategy:

  1. Windows-based devices that people love (Windows 8, Windows Phone)
  2. Security and Management to support flexible workstyles (Microsoft System Center, Windows Intune)
  3. Best productivity experience (Office 365, Office, SharePoint, Lync, Exchange)
  4. Unified Application Development (.NET, Visual Studio, Internet Explorer 10, HTML5)

Microsoft’s Unique Approach
Part of their strength is their ability to run the gamut from the consumer to the enterprise. From Interactive Entertainment to Data Center and the Cloud, and everything in between.

  • Familiar apps and platforms that your people want to use
  • Flexibility to use what’s right for your business
  • Our commitment to being enterprise class

Microsoft doesn’t believe there should be a one-size fits all solution for everyone. Some will want to use cloud services, some may choose for various good reasons not to outsource to the cloud. There may be a competitive advantage either way.

Commitment to Innovation
Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Windows 8, SQL Server 2012, System Center 2012, Nokia, etc,

Windows 8 for enterprise
Devices & experiences users love and enterprise-grade solutions:

  • Business grade tablets
  • Mobile Productivity
  • End-to-end Security
  • Virtualization & Management

Windows 8 is Windows reimagined
Microsoft believes fundamentally that there needs to be a variety of devices – not one device that everyone has to have. Consumers should be able to choose the device they want, but the experience should follow across the various platforms. Should be a unified experience from the smallest screen to the largest device. Unified apps, unified access to data, cloud services.

Grand idea is that Windows 8 experience will be on all devices – therefore making it familiar and easy to use for all people.

Jason Durocher
Enterprise Strategist – Microsoft Canada

Picture password – tap on various features, scroll around, and this is the password.

There are some visual cues that can be turned on when you are using touch, similar to the Fox hockey puck!;)

Interesting keyboard options, and even using a stylus and handwriting recognition.

Touch – sides, Mouse – corners. Switch List – quick touch from left and back out.

Start button is still there, just hidden. Move mouse over it, and it shows up…

IE 10 with HTML5 is pretty nice!

Flash and Acrobat are built right in, run natively. No additional installation required.

Windows 8 supports up to 8 points of touch simultaneously.

Lync is incredible – maintains presence across devices, can replace your phone with a softphone and follow you everywhere.



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