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Microsoft Client Management Solutions

November 29, 2012

Client Management Solutions
Jeff Chin

Two types of management buckets: IT Controlled, and Personally owned

Windows 8 OS Deployment
ConfigMgr for Windows 8 supports the same core OS Deployment scenarios as Windows 7
– same day to day workflow
REquires Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit

Additional Functionality
Windows To Go support
Used Space BitLocker
TPM plus PIN BitLocker

Todd’s note: What would happen if we gave teachers their desktop on a USB key? They could take their computer home, access all of their resources and information.

Windows To Go:
– Build a WTG image using ConfigMgr
– Admin can push deploy WTG to a removable device
– End user can pull provision WTG
– Updated and managed same as a physical laptop/desktop
– Admin can determine if device is WTG or not

New ConfigMgr feature to manage:
– Client Side Caching
– Roaming User Profiles
– Folder Redirection

ConfigMgr applies policies at user logon

What’s the best way to support end users? Self Service!

Windows Intune really intended to work with lower numbers of machines, and those machines that we will never ever see. Works really well with SCCM When combined with SCCM can manage large quantities of machines!

Got a bit of an overview of what is possible with Intune and SCCM together. Very interesting!



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