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JTC – Provincial Microsoft Renewal

November 28, 2012


Presented by Dave Hauschildt, Edna Dach, and Emily Daubert

New agreement must be done by May 2013.

Agreement is no longer just about licensing. There are now five components to the agreement that we are discussing with Microsoft.
Questions to consider:
Are the programs we’re looking at relevant?
How can it be implemented in your school?
What are we missing?
Are there further additions we should look at?

Additional Microsoft Licensing Components:
Digital Access Strategy
Dual Course Accrediation: Microsoft IT Academy, Microsoft Certifications
IT Service Optimization – Shared Services model development
Partners in Learning – Set of resources designed for teachers to leverage technology in the classroom.
PML and OS/eCAL – Software for schools, Microsoft Office Home Use Program, Office 365

Much discussion amongst participants about the future of the contract, and value to school jurisdictions. Some concern over all of the students with personal devices, and the extensive cost for students to get into a Microsoft Office License.

SharePoint 2013 will no longer need “connector” licenses if the users are not authenticating, otherwise will need a Windows Connector license.

Office 365 Academic Plans

Quite a bit of discussion over the various plans.

A number of folks expressed concern that direction of whether or not using the cloud services like Office 365 is a viable option in terms of privacy, security, and of course somewhat bandwidth. Some schools and districts are willing to enter the cloud space, some are concerned.

Did you know that the consumer preview version of Office 2013 is a streamed app? It’s not even installed on your computer!

Licensing Options:

MS Office professional
Windows Operating System
Enterprise CAL Suite
Based on an FTE count
Home use program for FTE employees (Office only)

Office 365 Plan A3
Home Use Program for OS or students
Parent Licensing Program
Ability to license incremental products through a parallel agreement
IT Academy and Microsoft Certification Exams

Around the tables, we talked about what are the must haves and nice to haves in the next Microsoft Agreement.

What did the Focus Group Say?
Everything that’s included with the current agreement is a “Must Have” and is non-negotiable
Office 365 Plan A3 is a “Like to Have”, but may not be for some jurisdictions who have Google Docs
There is value in having a Provincial licensing agreement as it:
Develops consistencies and standards
Gives smaller districts an opportunity that they may not have been able to afford before
Any licensing option that lessens the burden, financially, and administratively is a good thing.

Student licensing is a priority (BYOD)

Any additional thoughts or questions, please contact



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