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JTC Plenary

November 28, 2012


One of the great things about working within a school jurisdiction and working with School Technology Branch, is the semi-annual JTC events. Staff from all over Alberta get together in the same place for a day of sessions, discussions, and incredible collaboration. The next couple of blog posts are my notes, comments from the JTC day here in Edmonton.

Karen Andrews opened the November 28 JTC with a few introductions, announcements, and reminded us that an update is planned to the Learning and Technology Policy Framework.

Many presentations will be published to:

Program at a glance can be found here

Don’t forget to use the #jtc2012 hashtag for Twitter

Cheryl Lemke

Cheryl took us through a bit of a feedback, polling system to get some ideas from the group re: student engagement, entrepreneurial spirit, resources that will be digital over the next 5 years, and how students will connect. Interesting, checked Cheryl’s Twitter account, perhaps we can help her use it more.

The majority of the plenary focused around table discussions. Alberta Ed provided some nice Google Docs that allowed us all to collaborate together, and the discussions were incredibly interesting. Big thanks to the table I was sitting at with some great debate!



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