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JTC – Alberta Distance Education Review

November 28, 2012


Exploring the future of Distance Learning in Alberta
Dr. Barry Carbol
Dr. Elizabeth Charles
Distance Education Review Team

Terms of Reference:

  • Assessment of current and future needs of school authorities and students for distance education services
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and value (including monetary value) or distance education providers (including ADLC)
  • Identification of service, funding, and governance models.

Six Goals:

  1. Identify common and promising practices in Distance Education Delivery within and external to Alberta
  2. Identify effective models of Distance Education within and external to Alberta
  3. Identify effective service/business/governance models of Distance Education
  4. Determine the gap between the current and ideal states of Distance Education in Alberta (while recognizing that there are multiple rural and urban, Francophone, and FNMI populations that are served.
  5. Conduct a value-for-funding program evaulation that includes the Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) (and others)
  6. Identify potential effective approaches to Distance Education in Alberta that are in keeping with the future direction documents of Alberta Education.

Barry said they’re not shy, they are going to be bold in their recommendations

Research Design
A mixed method approach is being used that includes the following elements:

  • Provincial survey of DE providers and users (public, private, charter)
  • Surveys of selected sites (administrator, teacher, parent, student)
  • Site visits, interviews, focus groups
  • Document and data analyses

Four Phases: Overview of Research Approach and Methodology
Phase 1: Environmental
Phase 2: Gap and Opportunity Analyses
Phase 3: Program Evaluation and Value for Funding
Phase 4: Final Report and Recommendations (Jan 31, 2014)



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