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Getting Ready for Halloween

October 31, 2012

Candy candy candy. Rhonda has been buying candy here and there for a few weeks, and suddenly, we are overrun with candy.

One thing we’ve had a big change in since we moved is the number of “trick or treaters” we get at our place.

Remember, we’ve only lived here since the Summer of 2011, and previously we lived on an acreage about 12 KM outside of Barrhead. We typically had maybe a half-dozen kids drop by the acreage so we didn’t get a whole lot of candy ready – and it was a regular route for the same kids. We were glad to see them, but no one just showed up randomly.

Fast forward to last October – we now live in a cul de sac in Strathmore, and there are a lot of kids in the neighbourhood. Last year we had between 80-100 kids come by the house – whoa!

So this year Rhonda wanted to be extra prepared. She got Hannah and Josh to help put together little bags of candy for the all the little kids. No small piece of chocolate for the lucky kids who come by our place! Nope, a little bag with probably 4-5 different treats in it!

They made 80 bags, and they still probably have enough candy for another 100! Oh well, January and a new diet is coming soon!

This just in – apparently 80 bags doesn’t seem like much, so Rhonda found a bunch more little plastic bags – I think we’ll have lots! Drop on by!




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