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Halloween Popcorn Snacks

October 30, 2012

A long time ago, in a place not very far far away, we were at a family function, and some very, very good family friends brought this popcorn snack. You may not know us super well, but one thing is certain – we love popcorn. This snack was so delicious, so amazing, that we had to ask for the recipe. And you know what? The recipe was granted – with one stipulation: we can’t share it with anyone! Ha! But we can share the popcorn snack! So even if you think this looks amazing, and it does, and if you offer us $1,000.00 – we still can’t give you the recipe.

All that said, we made some on Sunday, and I want to show you how! Josh is having a Halloween party at school and is bringing some snacks, and I’m going to a potluck at work on Halloween and I need to bring something. So we thought we’d make some orange and black popcorn treats and bring it. It will be a hit!

First thing you have to do is pop up some popcorn. We need eight cups of popped popcorn for each batch, and we’re going to make six batches. Three in orange and three in black. Then we’re going to mix them all up! We got out the trusty Stir Crazy popcorn maker – which, by the way, is the best popcorn maker in the world! You put in three tablespoons of oil, and about a cup of popcorn kernels, and it makes the popcorn

Once it’s done, it pops the corn up and fills the bowl.

You can see the big red bowl and two other containers, this is all the popcorn we need, and it only took two batches in the popcorn machine!

Now it’s time to make the secret sauce. This is made with some secret ingredients, which I can’t tell you about, because they’re secret. You have to pay attention, because you don’t want to burn it – that would be bad.

Now, pour the mixture over the popcorn, and mix. Make sure you do it fast, while it’s warm, as it will cool fairly quickly, and be very hard to manipulate!

Mix until the popcorn is well-covered. Should be as little white popcorn showing as possible, although it doesn’t really matter.

Now put it on a cookie sheet, covered in aluminum foil (cause it’s awfully sticky), and spread around as thin a layer as possible, but don’t squish all the popcorn!

Throw it in the oven and bake it.

Once it’s baked, take it out, and break it up into popcorn sized pieces. It will be virtually impossible to break it all up, but try to make it as bite-sized as possible!

When all six batches (three of orange, three of black) are done, we mix it all up in the biggest roaster we have, and voila – incredible popcorn snack! Loads of calories, but terribly addicting!


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