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First CFL game at McMahon

October 27, 2012

Photo: Jeff McIntosh, Canadian Press

Okay football fans and others out there, so yes, I’ve been to McMahon before, but only on the field refereeing a Peewee and a Bantam game. I’ve never been to McMahon to watch a CFL game!

We are used to dropping in to Commonwealth stadium a handful of times each year to watch the Eskimos battle other teams – in fact one year we even had season tickets and went to virtually every home game! It was great!

This year we were feeling withdrawal in not having been to a live game. So I went to my trusty airmiles website, and cashed in some miles to get some tickets. I ordered them back in July, and we had hoped that all five of us would get to a regular season game. However with two kids working, and me working all Summer, and life in general, we never had an opportunity when all five of us were available for a game! Finally I’d had enough, and I booked five tickets for the October 26th game vs. the BC Lions.

Note, when you do the airmiles tickets, you have to go directly to the stadium ticket office, and trade them in for actual game day tickets. (Which is kind of a pain, because you don’t want to wait until the game day itself, as you might not get a seat). We’d done this many times in Edmonton, and they are AWESOME seats! However, in Calgary, and I think it’s mostly due to it being a much smaller venue, the seats are definitely not very good. In fact they are just a bench, that they didn’t even clean the snow off of! Oh well, it’s a CFL game – it will be great!

It was freezing cold! We bundled up in a bunch of layers, Rhonda, Josh, and I, and hit the C-Train with a whack of Stampeders fans, and headed to the stadium. Our good friends Phil and Bryan also came, also bundled up for cold weather! Temperature was -7 and snowing, but it felt like -20!

When you arrive at McMahon it feels like a small-town carnival atmosphere! Lots of booths where you can get food, beverages, and other paraphernalia, and of course the requisite credit card companies and other things like mini-donuts and pizza – but at -7, we were only interested in hot chocolate!

Had a great time cheering on the Lions, even though they got down 21-0 in the FIRST QUARTER! Wow! And this team is first in the West? Must not have liked the cold weather! Yelled and screamed with the other, seemed like maybe 10,000 fans, and dwindling throughout the night, although Phil’s warm car was very nice at the end! Thanks Phil and Bryan for the ride back to Sunridge!

Looking forward to next year, and watching the Stampeders get thumped on a nice, hot, sunny afternoon!


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