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MSCLC – Windows 8 Enabling Flexible Workstyles

October 24, 2012


Speaker: Rich Reynolds, EPG Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Microsoft Corp.

Presentation Synopsis: An overview of Windows8 – officially launching October 26. Vibrant and beautiful, the Start screen is the new face of Windows. Each tile on the Start screen is connected to a person, app, or whatever else is important to you, and lights up with the latest info.

Rich asked how many people used their SmartPhone to wake up today, and how many checked their e-mail before doing anything else this morning… Lots of us!

Windows Strategy for Business / Education
Enabling flexible workstyles

Devices & Experiences People Love ->;;;;;;;
– No compromise business tablet
– New Possibilities in mobile productivity

Enterprise-Grade Solutions
– Enhanced end-to-end security
– Management and Virtualization

Demonstration of Windows 8
– Personalization before login even happens.
– Picture password ->;;;;;;; click points and drag on a picture.
– OS gets out of the way of the application, applications take the full screen…
– Getting around is pretty easy, swipe from the right gets you to OS tools, swipe from the left, switches to the last open program. Swipe down from the top gives application specific options

What about the user interface? Especially if you’re not on a tablet? Windows 8 does have a “screen” that looks very similar to a Windows 7 desktop.

OneNote is integrated well with SkyDrive.

You can have multiple applications running, say Youtube for example, beside your OneNote app.

Annotations are available in OneNote, PowerPoint, and more…

Windows 8 on a USB key looks really, really interesting! Windows 2 Go will let you remove the usb stick while it’s running, and it will freeze the machine in place for up to 60 seconds. If you replace the drive within 60 seconds, it will continue. Otherwise it will power down.

Secure Boot – Rootkit cannot boot a machine anymore.

Trusted Boot / Measured Boot – If a machine becomes infected, Windows will recognize on boot up and deal with it.

Windows 8 runs on lots of hardware, and the potential out there with ARM and Intel system-on-a-chip is very intriguing.

Windows 8 App Store – Windows 8 machines are still machines that are licensed like anything else. Volume purchases will depend on the application vendor specifically.

Application style is very HTML5 and Java centric. Apps are content that is on a website, then turned into an immersive app. Easy to modify an app to create this immersive website app. Microsoft Canada is looking for some schools/students to publish some of these really cool apps. Thinking about making a contest, so for example resources provided to the computer science teachers (technical support, etc.). Incentives/prizing in early stages of thought right now.

Shann reminded us about Windows in the Classroom – 2 hour seminars for teachers.

Aboriginal education
Six demonstration sites across Canada



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