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MSCLC – Exploring Office 365 with District 23

October 24, 2012

Exploring Office 365 with District 23
Speakers: Jon Rever, Director of Instruction K-12, District 23 and Dave Norrish, IT Manager, District 23 and Karen McGregor, Solution Specialist, Education Team, Microsoft Canada / District 23

Presentation Synopsis: “If you look into a public school classroom virtually anywhere in North America, you’ll find that not much has changed for the last 50 years,” says Jon Rever, director of Technology and Education Services for School District 23. “We wanted to introduce technology tools into the education program that would really affect teaching and learning. Our intention was to change the way teachers teach and the way kids learn.”

Jon opened the presentation asking tables to talk in group about challenges they are facing in terms of technologies in use with students/parents/teachers.

Students Grade 4 – 12
Provision of Office 365 accounts to all students Grade 4 – 12
25 GB of secure email and file storage in the cloud
Single-Sign On Access to the Internal “On Premise” School Sharepoint portal (My23, My Classes, My Mail)
Federated Lync Integration – modern collaboration tools (Teachers/Kids can all collaborate with each other)
Access to Office Web Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
Mobility – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

How did we do it?

Implementation Team
District Advisory Committee – Stakeholder Groups
Consultants – Microsoft Canada, IBM K-12 (Pacific Coast Information Systems), Acrodex
SD23 Learning Technology Leadership team (Data Centre Group, Educational Consultants)

Project Plan – Went too fast, would recommend that we take our time

Privacy – Must inform parents about data being stored outside the Province. Patriot Act scared a lot of parents.

Automating Account Activation and Maintenance
Using AD And Automation to activate accounts
Office 365 Student Email Activation Process
Used RICOH to develop a system where the permission slip was scanned into LaserFiche, place in the student record, takes the PIN number off the permission slips, and then activates the account.
Office 365 Laserfiche Process

Note, of 15,000 students who received letter, have so far only received about 3,000 back into the system. They think there may be some sitting in offices in schools waiting to be scanned.

Also had an Office 365 Teacher Letter and Getting Started Guide for SD23 student mail

Costs and Resources
Upfront Costs – Office 365 Integration with On Premise Exchange
Federation ADFS, Lync Integration
Add TMG Server, Load Balancing and failover and single sign-on
Consulting Support
Total $90K ~ $1 per student over 5 years. (in perspective, old collaboration system cost $10 per student over 5 years)
In-Service and Training = Majority of Cost

Had to do training on Outlook… Todd’s note – they were using FirstClass previously, so this was also a migration from FirstClass to Outlook.



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