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MSCLC – Transforming learning to drive 21st Century skills

October 23, 2012


Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Education, Microsoft Corp
Note: Fantastic presentation, my minimal notes do not give justice to the excellence in Anthony’s presentation.

Trends: Changing the way we work, learn, and live

  • Society and the economy
  • Advances in technology
  • 21st Century learning

Anthony suggests that we should be focusing on serving students and teachers, and the learning journey – not pilot projects or shiny objects.

“Your students are learning without you.”

Technology AND Education is an “and” not an “or”

from Innovative Teaching and Learning Research – 2011 Findings
Notice not a lot of “high end” uses of technology

Most OECD countries doubled or even tripled their spending on education in real terms between 1970 and 1994… but, student outcomes in a large number of systems stagnated or regressed

Making Change Possible
People / Process / Environment

Games & Learning
Instead of “F” or “Fail” get “gameover” – therefore instead of the student taking it personally that they can’t learn, they just try again.

Office 365 for education
Everything we know about productivity, in the cloud.

Microsoft Partners in Learning Network
A place for teachers to share information with each other, worldwide, in 41 languages.

Microsoft Innovative Schools Toolkit

We have all the things in place to see massive improvement in Education, we just need to get there.



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