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MSCLC – Great Data Visualization for Student Success

October 23, 2012

Copied from program
Data Visualization for Student Success
Speakers: Diane Findlay, Manager, Compass for Success|NOEL/York Collaboration and Karen McGregor, Solution Specialist, Microsoft Canada Education Team and Karen Truyens, Account Manager, Microsoft Canada

NEW Data Visualization for Student Success:

Presentation Synopsis: Compass for Success is a collaboration of school boards focused on improving data analysis around student achievement. In this session, we will explore how Compass is looking at new data visualization approaches to help their users get more value from student achievement data. We’ll showcase how new features in SQL Server 2012 are making it easier to get great insights from large data sets, using the Compass data model.

Presenter: Karen McGregor

Insights for everyone from any data, any size, anywhere: Insight – Relational / Non-Relational

Compass for Success
Compass is a collaboration of school boards in NorthWestern Ontario. Wanting to come up with a BI (Business Intelligence) strategy that will work for the partners. Wanting to fill the need for data to make a difference with student learning.

“Stunning, Interactive Data Visualization”
– Discover and share insights across all levels of the organization with Power View Must be interactive, browser-based visualization tool for gathering insights at the speed of thought.
– Must be immersive, visual
– Rich meta data-driven
– Presentation-ready at all times.

They have really taken a lot of data, that in and of itself is difficult to see trends and systems – and turned it into an easy to see/view and understand who different sources of information may interact. For example, they’ve discovered that larger schools have more issues with absenteeism… This tool allows them to look at the data, compare different pieces of data, and then use it to tell a story.

In some cases they’ve found that generally, if absenteeism goes up, achievement goes down – Seems pretty common sense to me – but it’d be great to have data to back it up!

One of the keys for Compass has been using standardized information across school jurisdictions – like attendance, testing, etc. This allows for re-use of the tool in multiple school jurisdictions.

Microsoft’s approach to BI – Balancing the needs of end-users and IT
End-user – Search & Analyze, Share & Collaborate, Access on any device
IT Professional – connect & integrate, monitor & govern, deploy & scale

Historically this has been done with Excel, but now Power View takes it a step further…

Now I wonder what it would take to get data from Alberta Education in a format other than PDF…



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