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MSCLC – Future of Communication & Evolution of Voice

October 23, 2012


The Future of Communication & the Evolution of Voice
Speaker: Giovanni Mezgec, GM Product Marketing-Lync, Microsoft Corp

Microsoft Lync – Unified Communications Platform

Lync 2013 demonstration

Presence follows you throughout all the apps, and can initiate IM, video, voice, or others easily.

Video uses H.264 SVC – Scaling the video up or down to the availability of bandwidth.

Shared files, like PowerPoint, will automatically shrink the video windows to more appropriately use the space. Can pull out the video gallery so it’s a separate window, and can be dragged to another place, therefore going full screen on the shared file, or meetings.

Views are personalized to the users requirements, each user participating will see their own view, and adjustments made by one don’t adjust the others.

Can lock and promote a video user, especially useful during a presentation.

Presenter can determine whether other users in a meeting can annotate or download the presentation files or not.

Can share specific apps, and not just the desktop. Also includes a whiteboard.

Lync also includes a shared “notetaking” experience with OneNote notebooks.

Also building Lync app for iOS devices, can share video, powerpoint, and other content.

Very interesting to see where Microsoft is going with Lync – available within and without, your presence and access to communications technologies are ubiquitous.



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