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Timeline – Michael Crichton

October 6, 2012

Today’s Book: Timeline by Michael Crichton
Location: Take it or Leave It


Michael Crichton is definitely one of my favourite authors, perhaps my most favourite. His very unique storytelling is mixed with such vivid and authentic sounding descriptions that you would think it could really happen. Each of his books makes you think, and think, and think, and you think “Did this really happen? Could this really happen?” Each of his stories was intricately researched and so detailed, and even used the appropriate language. Awesome.

I believe I have all of his books, but I was missing two. One I purchased as an eBook (Airframe) – tell you about it another day. But I have not had Timeline. I read it years ago, and when I came across it the other day – fantastic – couldn’t put it down!

Timeline is a story about a group of researchers who are unearthing – literally, old ruins to try and decipher information about life in the medieval times. They discover that their sponsor has put millions of dollars into quantum computers and essentially found a way to travel back in time – although it’s described as a trip to an alternate universe.

Their professor ends up trapped in the past, and leaves them a message that they find hundreds of years later in the present.

In essence the grad students who are working with the professor go back in time, discover what life is really like – barbaric and yet beautiful, and try to get back.

This is an incredible yarn that is very difficult to put down – yet it is not a super long book, so a couple of evenings can wrap it up. It is just a story, but as with Crichton’s other books – it makes you think enough that perhaps his descriptions of the time/age are probable. Hmmm.

Timeline is a great book. Check it out from your local library – you won’t be disappointed. Of course now you know that I have a copy of it – feel free to borrow it!

Who is your favourite author?


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