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Two by Two

September 18, 2012

Do you ever play Board Games? Or have you been told that Board Games are old school, and no one plays them anymore?

Not a chance, it’s amazing what has changed, and how Board Games have changed with the times! Our family really enjoys Board Games. Not huge fans of Sorry, Risk, or some of the old ones. Rather they’re into Wits and Wagers, Killer Bunnies, Settlers of Catan, and now, Two by Two by Rob Bartel


Two by Two is one of the games that was given to us from our amazing small group in Barrhead, on the occasion of our departure. (I’m sure there was no shortage of celebration when we left after!;) But the games they gave us have been treasured.

Two by Two is a reasonably straightforward game, that requires some thought. The premise is you are Noah, and you’ve got to put as many pairs of animals on your ark as possible. Each turn the water spreads further, and the game gets shorter. But unlike many of the other “bible” board games we’ve seen – this one is actually fun, and could be challenging depending on how you played the game. Of course we were all being nice to each other, so everyone did reasonably well. It took a few minutes to learn some of the rules, the scoring, but playing the game probably only takes about 20 minutes for a round. Setup is very quick – you can be playing within a couple of minutes.

Bonus points for getting the unicorns on the ark, or getting animals that no one else gets. The board is well designed, solid, the pieces are interesting, and the colours/graphics are extremely well done.

If you’ve got smaller kids, say eight and up, you’re going to like this game, and it will last a long time.

Thanks for the wonderful gift dear friends, we’ll be pulling this one out of the games cupboard many times!


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