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September 16, 2012


You can tell it’s getting into Fall! It’s cooler out in the evening, and it’s starting to get dark sooner!

Tonight we decided it was a good evening to have a campfire. We are very fortunate to have a little firepit in our backyard – a couple of layers of stones makes a good-sized firepit. Josh and I got the lawnchairs out, some paper (to make starting the fire easier) and some wood.

We started by getting the axe and cutting some wood into smaller pieces. While I’m cutting wood, Josh is asking me very important questions that all nine year olds have, like “Do you ever cut yourself when you do that Dad? What about when you were a kid, did you cut yourself then? Have you ever burnt yourself Dad? Can you make a fire with just one match like Mommy does? Can I put wood in the fire? Can I cut the wood? Can I throw a weed into the fire? What about putting it out, can I use the hose?”

Who would have thought it was so interesting doing a fire, and it’s not like it’s the first one we’ve done, we’ve had quite a few.

But what a good way to spend an evening! Once we got the fire going, we roasted marshmallows, made smores (our good friend Jenell gave us the best way of doing it – Dare cookies with chocolate on one side – melts as soon as you put a marshmallow in between two cookies). An hour later, and lots of visiting, laughing and jokes, and can’t see any more, and it’s time to put the fire out.

Of course a few minutes in we hear the fire trucks racing away from the County firehall – Rhonda of course thinks they are coming to our place! Nope, hope it’s not too serious!

Hopefully this isn’t the last one, maybe we can do one again one evening, and have some company over – what better way to visit than around a fire, sipping soda, and roasting marshmallows!

What’s your favourite thing to cook outside on a campfire?


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