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Shopping at Chinook

September 4, 2012

Saturday afternoon, after picking up Thing #2 after her shift at work, we realized “hey, the day is still early!”. Thing #1 was picked up at the airport at 11:00 AM, after waking up at 4:00 AM in Manitou Springs, and she was still somewhat awake, so I said those magic words:

Who wants to go shopping at Chinook?

Wow! Those are big important words! Thing #1 and Thing #2 are both jumping up, like “let’s go now!”. Thing #3 was a little slower, but I managed to convince him it would be a good thing!

First stop: IKEA

Wow, was it crazy busy or what? We’re wandering around looking at all the cool stuff you find at IKEA – and the place was packed. Now I’m a little slow, so it took me about a half hour to realize – these folks are all looking for stuff for their college/university student – and apparently this is the place to go!

Picked up a box for one of Josh’s collections, headed out.

Next stop, Chinook Centre! Parking lot is nuts, mall is busy. Josh and I go to our first favourite store – Chapters! What a great visit this was! We spent about 45 minutes in the store reading books. First we found the Origamy section – whoa! There are lots of great books on Origamy – but we were too cheap to buy any, but looked at them for a while! Then we found the coin book section, and read there for a bit.

And then, my friends, then it happened – we found THE book. Yep, as you I’m sure are well aware on September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and we found the book “How to Speak Pirate” for only $3.99!


Josh spent the next hour walking through the mall reading the book and giving me all kinds of great Pirate phrases.

Not five minutes later we come across another “must buy” book – and only $5.99 to boot! Brian Robb’s “Star Trek – The Essential History of the classic TV series and the movies” Wow! Some great reading is going to be had in our house!


We walk to the back of the store, and guess who we run into? None other than author Lawrence (Larry) Adams from Irricana who is signing books! Josh and I get to talk to a great local author, and pick up The Mine.

Great visit to Chapters.

Next Stop: Dinner at the food court – all of us share some chinese food from Petite Cuisine. Wasn’t quite the best flavour, had a fishy taste, although we didn’t order anything with fish in it. Probably the last time we try that.

Off we are to the LEGO store, checking out the LEGO sets, and the virtual reality LEGO stuff. Grea staff at the LEGO store – extremely friendly, very helpful. Not at all difficult.

Discovery Hut takes probably 45 minutes of our time as the next stop! They have a great selection of awesome Board Games, science kits/experiments, LEGO, and all kinds of other stuff. It was fun! Hard to leave that store without buying anything!

And then we make it to the Apple Store. Josh likes it here because you can play with the computers, especially photo booth! We’re making all kinds of funny pictures of ourselves – great fun! (Yes, we can do it at home, but it always seems to be funnier when we’re at the Apple Store)

The reason for our visit is looking for an iPhone armband for Rhonda and the Nike kit. We find them both in a few minutes, although one is on one side of the store, the other on the other wall – one would think you’d want these two items close by. And then, the BIG WAIT. It wasn’t super busy, but there wasn’t enough staff who could actually sell you something. There were lots of people who could help you and answer questions, but only a couple who could take payment – strange. We had to wait close to 25 minutes in order to make our purchases, and get out of the store. The rep was very helpful once we got to our turn – he said a lot of people had called in “sick” – I think it was the “Hey it’s a long weekend, I want to do something fun, I’ll just call in sick” – If this is the case, too bad. But the folks who were there did an awesome job.

Couple of other brief stops, and we were outta there!

Whew! Survived another shopping trip! But it seems to work best when Josh and I leave the ladies to their own devices.

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