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August 26, 2012

Hello readers, and yes, I love McDonalds. I like their french fries, I like their chicken BLT sandwiches, I like their smoothies, I like their bacon and egg bagels, and I like their $1 any size pop in the Summer (should be all year long!)

But because I love it, I can’t go very often, or I’d be eating too much stuff that’s not good for me.

A few days ago, we were taking one kid to a friends house in another town, and with swimming lessons and the busy-ness of life, we didn’t get a chance to make some sandwiches, so we hit the McDonalds drive through. Mmmm. Going to be good.

Went through drive through, ordered some food, and hit the road. I order the 1/3rd pounder bacon and cheese burger meal, with “no onions” please. (I like onions, but they give me bad breath, and then you don’t want to be traveling with me!;) Of course I’m driving, so I’m the slow eater, and don’t get to my 1/3rd pounder Bacon and Cheese until about 15 minutes later.

Sadly as we open my burger, we discover it has onions on it. EVEN THOUGH it has a tag on it that says No Onions! My amazing wife actually picks the onions off for me (or is it for her?) and hands over the burger.

Too funny, but we actually had the presence of mind to take a couple of pictures so that you wouldn’t think I was making this up!

Not that I’m complaining, McDonalds can be a place that’s very fast paced, and mistakes happen anywhere. I’ll still go back again sometime, but next time I’ll probably go inside, order take-out, and check my sandwich before I leave the counter!

Question to my amazing and wonderful readers out there? What would you do?

Picture of the No Onions


Picture of the apparently not quite invisible onions



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