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August 21, 2012

Did you know that Strathmore has a movie theatre?

It does, it’s called the Joyland theatre, and they typically show movies pretty quick, often opening the same week as they are throughout Canada. However there have been so many popular movies lately, that Brave was finally brought just this past week.

Thing #2 and Thing #3 were helping me with getting some netbooks ready at Crowther Memorial Junior High, and I decided to take them to the new Disney/Pixar production – Brave, as a treat for helping me out.

Movie time is 8:00 PM, we arrived at 7:45 PM, were person’s 7, 8 and 9 into the theater. Once we had our skittles and popcorn, we settled down for a visit while we waited for the movie to start.

Kudos to the Joyland theatre for playing audience appropriate previews prior to the movie! The new Ice Age movie looks hilarious! Thanks for not scaring us with something else!

Brave is a typical Disney/Pixar production in terms of quality. The animation is excellent! We really enjoyed the main characters, a family of vikings, the King/Queen of one of the four viking clans. A young girl with strikingly crazy red hair is growing up, and it’s time for a competition for the first-born sons of the other clans to win her hand in marriage.

Of course like all other movies about arranged marriages the girl doesn’t want too, and looks for ways to change her Mom’s mind.

Now I don’t want to spoil the movie, but let’s just say I was expecting a movie where she would have to demonstrate how Brave she was, overcome major obstacles, overcome great fear, and challenges, and do something amazing. It was not like this. Rather it was rather like:

Girl strong willed
Mother strong willed
Father fun and interesting, but not very good at parenting
Girl gets mad and wants Mom to change
Girl makes bad deal
Mom changes into something not predicted
Girl searches for way to change Mom back
Mom and Girl mend relationship
Girl prevents terrible catastrophe
Girl saves the day

Did I mention Dad? He’s just a goofball.

It was a terrifically funny movie – lots of scenes where I laughed out loud, and laughed uproariously! Some of the commentary between characters is great. The viking males all like to fight it out (mostly in fun.) In fact in one scene they’ve barracaded each other inside the dining room, and the four clans are shooting arrows, and fighting it out amongst each other. It was a terribly entertaining movie.

A couple of small disappointments:
– The King (father), really was just interesting in goofing around with the other guys
– The King and Queen have young triplet red-head sons who are bad, not just mischievous, but bad. But somehow through their badness, they end up doing good?
– The daughter (main character) is headstrong, stuck-up, and bratty, but somehow becomes nice and good within a very, very short time
– There is some fixation on naked bum humour – two times a bunch of naked bums are shown, and a third time one of the men flashes two other men. Absolutely perfect humour for young boys to enjoy the movie, which definitely is catered to girls
– The very first scene is quite dark, and the King is apparently killed by a rather large and mean and nasty bear. Yikes!

Otherwise, the movie was thoroughly entertaining, and had enough good story and humour to keep us all engaged, although it was quite short, I would say it was about 80 minutes long.

All in all a good way to spend an evening with two of my kids!


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