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Flying Kites

August 20, 2012

The other day, I think it was Tuesday, had been a long day. Well, let me rephrase, Rhonda and the kids had a long day. It wasn’t super nice, we had a massive rain storm in the middle of the afternoon, everyone had some cabin fever. We had just finished a nice supper, people were tired, but it wasn’t quite time for Thing #3 to go to bed. We were sitting around the table, the kids and Rhonda were kind of moping.

So of course, what does Todd say? “Hey Josh, how about we go fly a kite?”

Now in my mind I’ve conjured up an image not unlike that infamous scene in Mary Poppins where hundreds of people are all flying kites together in an open area. The wind is perfect! Everyone is well-dressed, no one is crying, and no strings are tangled. And of course the kits are all flying nicely.

And I’m thinking to myself, “Hey self, we live in Southern Alberta, we get lots of wind”. Well unfortunately up to this point, every time we have tried some kite flying, we haven’t had enough wind!

But we’re going to give it a shot. And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I go into the garage to find some kites, I’ve got two other kids who are like “let’s fly kites too”. After rummaging around in my nice clean garage (you’l recall I built some very nice shelves to clean up my garage), I pull out probably half a dozen kites. Of course the one Josh wants to fly is the trick kite that we’ve never assembled, nor ever tested.

30 minutes later, after untangling the kites, and assembling the the trick kite (which has dreadful instructions), we’re out in the green space, trying to fly kites.

Katherine has her favourite kite which she got for a birthday present from Aimée a number of years ago, Josh is trying another kite, and Hannah is trying something else yet. Of course Rhonda is wandering around with a camera documenting our lack of wind or good kites!

After 20 minutes of fiddling, I give up on the trick kite, something just isn’t working or assembled properly. Katherine has hers flying well, Josh is running around with various other kites, just having fun. I pull out this one kite that has a hugely long tail, and get it up in the air and turn it over to Hannah. Cool kite – go it in a garage sale for $1!! (Now we’ve got two kites high up in the air).

Of course when kites are out, this is when the neighbourhood children arrive and want to try too. I have 2-3 kites on the ground which are beyond help, two in the air with the girls, and Josh is trying a third, which is also giving us grief.

Wouldn’t you know it starts to rain, which usually is accompanied by some unpredictable wind? Hannah’s and Katherine’s kites cross paths, getting a little tangled, both still high in the air – when all of a sudden Katherine’s kite takes off! It seems the string broke, and her kite is coming down a block away. Katherine and Josh race off to find her kite (which they do), while Hannah and I reel in the other kite, and Rhonda is reeling in string from Katherine’s kite.

It ended up being a fun evening, with everyone outside, getting a little wet, and now we know which kites will end up in the trash. (Hmmm. I think I saw Zellers had a sale on summer toys like kites, maybe Josh and I will take a look….)

Can’t wait for the next time we have a good breeze, and we can fly some kites again!

I don’t think this kite is really flying, but Hannah is running fast enough so it looks like it’s flying!

This is me (yes, you can tell by the ever-expanding bald-spot) with our $1 garage sale kite. No assembly required, just pull it out of the box, and let the wind do the rest. Very, very cool.


Katherine just getting her kite off the ground.


Josh trying to keep a kite in the air


Josh very successfully getting his kite in the air!


One of those rare moments when all three kids have kites – in the air!









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