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Strathmore Rodeo

August 19, 2012

Jump in the time machine, and go back just over a year… .whirrrrr…. My very first week on the job was the week leading up to Strathmore’s annual Heritage Days. I arrived Sunday evening, and you could already feel the buzz, but as the weekend approached, the buzz became a roar! Everyone in town was excited, there were hundreds of trailers/motorhomes, and tents on the ag grounds, and it looked awesome! Sadly I left to go back to Barrhead to move more stuff on the Thursday afternoon, so missed all the excitement. The parade. The midway, the – everything!

This year we decided we have to make sure we take some of it in, so Rhonda picked up tickets for all of us for the rodeo and the chuckwagons for the Sunday.

It started off as a great day! The Lions Club and the area churches put on a big FREE pancake breakfast for EVERYONE, and then a cowboy church – some music, and a couple of short messages. It was great! When we arrived early in the morning, there were people visiting with us, and everyone in the line up was in a good mood – and the line moved fast!

The folks making the food were awesome! Huge shout out to the Lion’s club and those who helped! We thanked them profusely when we arrived, and told them how much we appreciate them! You know what the sad part is? They were so happy that someone said thank you, because we were the first ones to say something nice – and there must have been 400 people who were there before us!

Mount Soapbox:

People – We need to tell people how much we appreciate them when they do something nice, go out of their way, and are serving! Sheesh! Quit just assuming, and go out there and say something friendly! No place for grumpy people here!

Dismount Soapbox

While we were eating we got to visit with a number of people – it’s surprising how many people we are getting to know, after only being here for a year!

Then we had some great music/singing and a couple of brief messages from some of the area pastors. It was a great morning!

A funny thing – while we were listening, a couple from Edmonton sat down, they come down every year to see the Rodeo/Chuck wagons. They brought their own Maple Syrup, because you can’t have pancakes without Maple syrup! They brought enough to share with their table! Pretty neat, eh?

After the breakfast, we had a couple of hours before the Rodeo started, so we went back home, woke up Thing 1 and Thing 2 and carried on.

Just prior to the rodeo we headed back to our seats in the grandstands! Whoa! I could not believe how many people go to the Strathmore Rodeo! The grandstands were packed, as was rush seating and ring-side seating all around! It was HUGE!

And the show was awesome! We got our program, and we wrote down times during the bull riding, saddle bronc, steer wrestling (I know we’re not supposed to call it that). We were entertained by the Wild Pony races, and all of the events! The announcers were fantastic, the crowd was pretty good. There was tonnes of food, and the 50/50 was like a bazillion dollars! The whole atmosphere, cowboys, show, everything was fantastic!

We even went through the trade fair, we entered our ballots for our favourite items in the bench show, we wandered the midway …. er, okay there wasn’t a midway.


Rumour has it there was a double booking, and we couldn’t have rides this year. Another rumour was that someone waited too long to book it. Whatever the case may be, there was a lot of hype to “John Deere saved the day” and put up a display of equipment instead.


Okay, note to self – 13,000 people in the town of Strathmore, most of them are not super interested in combines, tractors, or even garden tractors.

The grounds were very quiet, and you never had to wait long in line for any food.

All that said, there were all kinds of shows all day too, clowns, kids performers, mini-chuck’s, monster truck rides. All in a fantastic time!

Note to our families: Next year, we are unavailable to leave Strathmore on Heritage Days weekend – this is the best time of year to be hanging around Strathmore! Y’all are invited down here to join in the fun!

Couple of pictures of the massive outdoor breakfast and cowboy church



Doo doo the clown doing a great show for the kids


There was a brief dog show where some incredibly talented dogs performed for the crowd!


A quick picture from the grandstands!



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