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Seizure – Robin Cook

August 9, 2012

Today’s Book: Seizure by Robin Cook
Published: 2004 by Berkley
Location: Purchased for 25 cents from the Strathmore Library

It has been many years since I read a Robin Cook book. Okay not a “cook book” but a book by Robin Cook. Too many rhymes, I gotta stop this stuff, before it gets rough, and you get tough, ’cause I’m not too buff…egad.

So when I picked this one up for a quarter, I thought it was worth a good read.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I figured it’d be something about a seizure that happens to a patient, and they have to figure out why. But the seizure stuff doesn’t happen until the last 30 pages of the book, and it has a very bizarre twist and ending. I’ll say no more. Worth the read!

This story is about a couple of researchers who have found a totally new technique that may help with all kinds of things, especially Parkinsons. They want to go beyond lab mice, they have no side effects, looks amazing. The main character actually leaves academic life so he can do all the research he wants, AND get all the money and glory. However a U.S. Senator, who is very powerful is about ready to shut down all research in this area. But the day of the big visit, and the scientist is effectively made to think it’s all bad, the same Senator wants to be a test subject.

Lots of intrigue, high tech, medical kind of thriller. There are numerous sub plots and different geographic locations used to tell the story, and the Turin Shroud has been integrated with the main plotline.

This book was a good read. I had a hard time putting it down, but sometimes you need to sleep! I was expecting more of a mystery that needed a medical solution. But it was a thriller/mystery that happened to involve a couple of researchers, but not as much “medicine” or “treatment” was involved. This one is all about getting a new drug to be tested on a willing human, without everyone knowing about it.

Very intriguing, very fascinating, overall very clean, language is good, lots of action to follow. Characters develop very logically, good character development. The two main characters have a very interesting relationship – probably more realistic that one would expect in a work of fiction.

Pick this one up, you’ll enjoy it!


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