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The Fifth Vial – Michael Palmer

August 6, 2012

Today’s Book: The Fifth Vial by Michael Palmer
Published in 2007 by St. Martin’s Press
Location: Purchased for 25 cents from the Strathmore Library but it’s also listed as available in the collection! This one isn’t listed on OverDrive (as an ebook that you can download), but there are some of his other ones.

Todd’s note: It’s incredibly cool that you can purchase books from the Strathmore Library that have been culled from the collection. Just inside the doors are a couple of racks and shelves, with a constantly changing selection. Now one of my favourite places to shop!


What a great read! I had a really hard time putting it down, and definitely sacrificed some sleep to finish this book!

Michael Palmer writes an excellent yarn, with many stories inter-woven together to form an amazing tapestry that you only get to see as you get closer to the finish!

The protagonist is a young medical student, Natalie Reyes, who is working on her residency, and gets kicked out. Suddenly she is parachuted into a world where organs are harvested from unwilling participants, many of whom end up dead. There is a shadowy organization who call themselves the Guardians who find organs for people who are making a difference or can pay in society, no matter what the cost. A large multi-national conglomerate tracking world wide potential donors. Add to the story an older professor who hires a down and out private investigator to find evidence of organs being “stolen”. And all of this is happening right under everyone’s nose, and each of the characters doesn’t know that the others are looking for the same thing until near the end.

This oustanding story takes place in present day in both the U.S. and Brazil. Secret organizations, corrupt governments, esteemed surgeons who turn to the dark side. This is a very intriguing story!

Mr. Palmer has done an awesome job of both detailing the mystery, and suspense, along with a chilling medical background that makes it seem realistic. Could this really happen? I bet it could. Does it happen? No one knows!

I will now be looking for more of Michael Palmer’s books. I will have to check, I believe I’ve read one or two of his in the past, and if not, they will be read in the future!

If you want a good mystery, a great plot, a read that you can’t put down – then this is definitely a book for you!


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