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Strathmore Stampede – Co-op Breakfast

August 3, 2012

Who gets up early in the morning and makes breakfast, for free, for potentially thousands of people? Strathmore Co-op does!

We saw in the paper about a week ago that the Strathmore Co-op was doing a Stampede Breakfast for free on Friday morning, August 3rd. We thought – we like breakfast, maybe we should check it out. Of course it’s a little complicated because Josh is doing the Vacation Bible School program at Strathmore Full Gospel Church starting at 9:00 AM.

No worries, I got up early, got everyone else up, and we watched a few minutes of men’s trampoline from the London 2012 Olympic Games – which was awesome, and then headed out to the Co-op!

One word: Wow! Did they do it great or what?

We arrived at the co-op to see they had blocked off their entire parking lot – so we’re talking a lot of real estate here! They had a live country band! At 8:00 AM in the morning! And they were fantastic! They had this huge, huge, humungous, and massive trailer thing? with a whole bunch of people cooking sausages and pancakes in it, open air, and a little bit higher than the parking lot. It was crazy! So we got in a very short, and fast moving line to get our pancakes and sausages.

While we were waiting in line we got to enter into a draw for Stampede tickets, and another draw for a $50 co-op grocery card. How cool is that?

We get to the line, and we’re handed a plate, some pancake devouring weapons, and then some fresh, warm pancakes and sausages. (There was also beans if you are into that sort of thing).

Then you go to another station and they dish out a pile of syrup and ketchup if you like, the next guy passes you a juice box, and then a banana. You want coffee? Just another station, with all the fixings. Did I mention that they have the Calgary EMS moose wandering around visiting the kids, and a clown with a toy dog, doing ventriloquism? (the clown, not the dog). Oh yes, and there’s still music playing.

And then, as if it couldn’t get better, they had taken a bunch of milk crates, and placed 2×10’s across them to make rows and rows of long benches to sit, visit, and eat. It was awesome! There were garbage cans and recycle cans everywhere, and Co-op staff collecting garbage, keeping the place clean, and directing traffic.

It was like a well-oiled machine! We had some great food, and even bumped into a number of friends including the Adkins’, the Hyde’s, the Jansens’, the Le Cerf’s, the Neufeld’s, and even Kurt (the Carseland fire chief). So we had a great time of eating, visiting, and listening to the awesome live band.

Huge shout out and thank you to the Strathmore Co-op for putting on such a great way to start the Stampede Friday – y’all did a fantastic job! It’s going to be an incredible weekend!

Here’s Josh sitting on one of the awesome benches. (You can see the Hyde’s kind of hiding off to his right)


Katherine and Hannah sitting on the other side!


Couple of crowd shots:



Who are these two? Hmmmm! Must have shown up for free breakfast!



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