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Strathmore Stampede – Chinook Credit Union BBQ Lunch

August 3, 2012

Another meal, another free stampede bbq! Wow, this is an awesome and incredible weekend! Who knew the Strathmore Stampede was so big! It’s amazing how many people and events are here! More later!

So today at lunch, the local Chinook Credit Union hosted a free BBQ lunch for everyone! And they did an awesome and incredible job too! They blocked off all the parking on their side of main street from the end of the block up to the movie theatre. Then they had picnic tables setup, as well as a tent and some other tables. Between the bank and the theatre they had more tables, a bunch of straw bales to sit on, and a LIVE BAND!

First you go up to the tent and the “fat cat” greets you, and you get a cool flag (2012 International Year of Co-operatives), and some tattoos! We’re thinking we’ll put them on the kids while they’re sleeping, and see how long it takes for them to notice.

In the tent they hand you a plate, you get some coleslaw, beans, a cookie, and a very large foiled wrapped item. (I’m thinking it’s a hamburger). Then you stop at the condiments table for toppings. So I open my “burger” and surprise, it’s a massive beef on a bun! I think I have a half a cow on mine! It’s like a super-sized Kaiser bun, which was fresh and yummy, with layer upon layer upon layer of beef! I could barely eat it. I filled it up with some BBQ sauce and almost put a bunch of “mayo” on it, but it was actually horse radish – good thing I didn’t dump it all on!

Then it’s off to the ice water tub and get a pop.

We sat and enjoyed the live band, a mix of country and country rock music, and ate our lunch.

There was a pile of people there too! What a fun town this is! The August Long Weekend is definitely one of the prime times to be in Strathmore!

Huge thank you to Chinook Credit Union for the GREAT lunch!

Check out the size of the beef-on-a-bun on Josh’s plate!


Here’s a quick shot down the street! Lots of people coming and going!



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One Comment
  1. Chinook CU permalink

    Thanks for coming! Its one of our favorite summer events.. Great turn out, and a rockin band made for an awesome day.

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