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Garage Shelves Part 2

July 28, 2012

Once you start something, you’ve got to finish, right? We finished the first set of shelves, and then I was hoping to leave the rest for another time. But you know, you’ve got all the tools out, you’re ready to go, might as well do the rest, right?

Right! But another great time for Daddy and Josh to hang out. Thursday evening, and this morning, Saturday, we spent building the second set of shelves. This one should’ve been easier, it’s just one shelf, not two!

Step 1 – Drill some pilot holes in the ends of the 2×4’s for the screws. Why do we do this? A couple of reasons. First, it is easier to put in a 3.5 inch screw if you have a one inch pilot hole already, especially when you are joining two ends. But secondly, and probably more importantly, it prevents you from accidentally splitting the wood – like what happens when you don’t use a high speed setting on a drill, or perhaps if you’ve got someone inexperienced helping you. Josh is becoming quite adept with the drill. He did all the pilot holes in this shelf!



Now that the pilot holes are finished, we use 3.5″ screws to assemble the frame. You can see that we kind of over-engineered it. The whole thing is made of 2×4’s, so it’s exceedingly sturdy! Here’s Josh standing in the finished frame:


We re-used a lot of wood too. There was a very sturdy work-bench kind-of-thing in the corner of the garage that we took apart. We used the wood from that to build the braces, and of course the particle board top. The particle board was 8 feet by 24″, and we needed 8 feet by 18″. So we got the saw out and cut it nicely along the end. But it was a little jagged, so Josh got the hand held sander and cleaned up the edges! He thought that was a lot of fun, but it makes your hands shake!;)


Now we have to hang the supports from the ceiling. In case you missed it in my first post, we don’t want any posts going to the ground, as that is hopefully where we’re going to build the train, but we need to support the shelves. So we attached a 2×4 flat against three different rafters, and attached with some nice 3.5″ screws. That was complicated, trying to get the board up there, with another set of hands and make sure it’s all firmly attached! Once that was on, we attached two support pieces that will be on the front of the shelves. (Don’t forget to use your level when you are hanging the supports, otherwise you’ll have a crooked looking support, which is really ugly, and it loses a tonne of it’s strenght!) So they’ll be attached to the garage frame in the back of the shelves, and to the other set of shelves, and to the front supports. We probably couldn’t hang a car up there, but it will be plenty strong for our stuff!


I suppose you are wondering, how did we get the shelf up there? Well I will tell you! It’s magic! Not really. We put a couple of small pieces of 2×4 attached to the garage frame, and set the shelf on top, and then used clamps to attach to the other supports. My amazing wife Rhonda took a break from painting in the basement to hold it all steady while we attached the supports and to the wall.


And voila, you can see it’s setup! And yes, we used the level so the shelves are awesomely level! That’s one of the best ways to spend $2 – get a level!


Yes, they are very strong! Here’s Josh sitting up on top of the shelf! (For those safety conscious folks out there, yes, Josh used a nice ladder which his Dad supported, and he got and down properly. You may also notice that he is wearing safety glasses, just as his Dad was during the whole project, and whenever we were cutting or doing anything even more dangerous, Josh actually had a full set of goggles completely covering his eyes. And we both know, no one turns on a drill until both people say “ok”)


So that’s the whole story! How about a before and after picture?






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