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Finish with a nice dinner?

July 27, 2012

How do you finish up a good day? Sometimes it’s with a good book! Sometimes with a movie! Sometimes a walk with your best friend. Today, we decided to finish up the day with a nice dinner, just the five of us, at the Strathmore Station. Which is an incredible restaurant, with a wonderful decor, and marvelous food. But I digress. Why was it a good day?

We started a little early for Katherine, left the house by about 9:05 this morning. She and I had a number of errands to run in Calgary, and we needed to get an early start. Stopped at a bank for her to sign some paperwork, then a travel agency to investigate flights for Colorado Springs and for Australia…. Hmmm, not sure what to think of this one. For years I have booked all of my flights online, and I have never had a problem. But thought we’d try a travel agency and see where we could get. The gentleman was very friendly, but we were there for 45 minutes to get a quote. And sadly, the price was about $500 more than we expected. Although we heard a bit of a rant about how bad online companies are, and how they can’t be trusted, and there are so many horror stories. We ended up leaving with a quote, but didn’t purchase anything.

Note: I booked Katherine’s flight to Australia with the airline online directly, and it was the price I was expecting, nearly $500 LESS than the travel agent. Hmmm.

Then we went hunting for some sort of technology for Katherine to take on her big trip. That was fun, got to stop at a few of the fun consumer electronics stores. In the end Katherine decided to…. well, I’ll let her let you know.

Upon returning to Strathmore, it was indeed a privilege to have lunch with my good friend Clayton Nordstrom. Clayton is currently the Lead Pastor at Devon Alliance Church, and we have been good friends for about 6 and a half years? Or is it 7.5? Isn’t it incredible how fast three hours can fly by when you’re having a great visit? I was very appreciative of Clayton dropping in. Devon Alliance is very fortunate to have him.

Then quickly dropped in at the school to pick up Josh after his last day of Basketball Camp – Thanks Coach Fule – Josh had an incredible and awesome time!

Back home, and Josh and I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies from London on the PVR, while Rhonda took Katherine for a teeth cleaning… Over 2 hours later!! they got back.

Which leads up to dinner.

The Strathmore Station is, I think, the largest restaurant in Strathmore, and I think the best in terms of food and decor. It is deliberately designed to look like an old railway station. The bottom floor is a bar of sorts (haven’t been in there), and the main floor is a very large dining room with railway pictures, and paraphernalia everywhere. Just walking around and admiring the pictures and the decorating is worth the trip.

This is only the second time we’ve been there as a family, the first was on Rhonda’s birthday back in September.

We had a very enjoyable meal, and some excellent service! Thank you Strathmore Station!





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