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Tin Man – Dale Brown

July 26, 2012

Title: Tin Man
Author: Dale Brown
Published: Bantam Books 1998
Borrowed from: Strathmore Municipal Library

I was in the library the other day, looking for more of Dale Brown’s stuff. I have some of his later books, but was curious about some of the references in his stories to earlier books. Was hoping to get one of his first ones, but ended up with Tin Man, which wasn’t his first, but still a very good book!

Tin Man is the story of Patrick McLanahan, his family, and the company he works for, as they track down seemingly nasty terrorists who, well, are just nasty! McLanahan is the main character in the story, and he has been working in top secret government military positions for most of his career.

One of his friends, discovers a material which when charged with electricity, becomes incredibly strong. They created a “suit” of sorts which is incredibly flexible and just like normal clothes, but is bulletproof, bomb proof, and renders the wearer virtually impossible to hurt. Using the suit, McLanahan fights against the terrorists, and even the police at times, to bring justice.

I enjoyed the story very very much that I couldn’t stop reading it, and got into a lot of trouble with Rhonda who says I read too much already! The book is full of action, but also lots of political commentary, and the lives of seemingly ordinary people. (Except of course some of the brilliant characters and the nasty terrorists of course!) The language in the book is, whew, pretty fierce at times, but the story line just keeps going and going.

It was interesting watching the main character who typically spent his time in airplanes and futuristic machinery, getting down and dirty on the ground, which was a tough switch for him. Dale Brown does an awesome job of portraying this protagonist as a struggling person in this role, and overcomes adversity to be successful.

Mr. Brown makes lots of references in the book to previous books – I find this very annoying, as it feels like a commercial in the middle of an epic movie – something that I’d like to fast forward through. Of course had I started with his first book and moved forward, I likely wouldn’t notice it as much.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I’m looking forward to borrowing more of his from the library!


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