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Father’s Day in July

July 26, 2012

A friend of mine “liked” post this morning on Facebook that was a Father’s Day quote, and people were beating him up about it. Sheesh, can’t we have Father’s Day at other times too?

Today we had Father’s Day all over again! Back in June, on the real Father’s Day, my wonderful family gave me a T-Fal EZ Clean Family deep fryer. Yep, that’s the thing you make french fries, and donuts, and all manner of foods that are not really good for you!

However, we haven’t had time to try it until today, yes, over a month later! Rhonda pulled it all out, found the best french fries recipe she could get, and cut up a mound of potato’s into french fry pieces. Hmmm, it’s going to be great!

First thing you have to do is take it all apart and wash it all. Guess what, it’s 100% dishwasher safe except for the heating control element itself! Needless to say, the first time you wash it, it really isn’t that dirty anyway – hasn’t seen any oil yet! Here’s Josh with the freshly cleaned, ready to get started deep fryer!


Now you fill it with oil, about 2 Litres worth, and let it warm up. Now we’ve never done anything like this before, so Josh and I even had our paint shirts on, in case we get a lot of grease or oil on them – didn’t want to wreck a good shirt.

Once the temperature is all the way up, the light turns off, and we’re ready to start by filling up the basket with some french fries!



Now you put the basket of fries into the deep fryer, and you cook them for three minutes! We were doing the original french method where you fry them for three minutes, then take them out and spread on a pan for five minutes, then cook them for another four minutes. Mmmmm. Gonna be yummy!


Close the lid, and set the timer for three minutes.


Here’s what they look like after the first three minutes. Spead out on a pan, let the paper towel soak up some of the oil.


After four more minutes, you take them out and delicious wonderfulness is happening! We put them in a bowl and while we were working on the next batch, we were all eating fries with ketchup!


Who would have thought we would all stand around the island in the kitchen for an hour, figuring out how to use the deep fryer, and then making a pile of french fries for everyone to share!


Don’t tell the dietician, but that’s what we had for supper! It was awesome! Three batches of fries filled us up nicely. It was uber fantastic and delicious! And super easy and clean. No mess. No hassle. Josh and I didn’t need to put on old dirty shirts.

And then the beauty of this unit is, you just turn it off, and let it cool. Once it’s cooled down, you move the selector button to automatic filter, and the oil filters through the bottom into a plastic holding container, that you simply store until the next time, and then dump it back in. Super simple. I was impressed. T-Fal, you have impressed me, we love this machine! Thank you Canadian Tire for having a sale on these just before Father’s Day!

Next up – gonna make some donuts! Krispy Kreme – look out!


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