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Building shelves in the garage

July 25, 2012

Have you ever noticed that it seems garages are used mostly for stuff and not for parking? How many times do you drive by an open garage and it is so crammed with boxes and other “stuff” that you could never get a car in there?

Well we don’t subscribe to the “can’t get the cars in the garage” theory, but our garage, while fairly large, doesn’t have a lot of shelving. Last Fall I put some shelving in the back corner, and it’s worked awesome.

Therefore today we decided, let’s go and do some more! Then we can pick more stuff off the floor, and it will be overall a neater environment, right? Truth be told, I want to put the stuff up, so that I’ll have room to build trains….

I headed down to Totem to pick up the materials, cost me about $50, and brought it all home. After picking up Josh from Basketball Camp, it was time to get working.

The first thing we had to do was pull the vehicles out, and move all the stuff that was piled in the way to the other side of the garage.

Here’s what it looked like BEFORE:


Now that all the stuff is moved to the other side, here’s what we’re starting with. Yes, there’s some wood table thingy, but that’s going to go too. Here’s Josh and I using the stud finder to “scan” for the wood.


And thus started a late afternoon and evening of Dad and Josh, and later some Katherine and Hannah, using power tools, like the chop saw, a couple of drills, and lots of measuring and marking! Josh and I build the frames for the shelving – he got to use both drills – one for making holes, the other for the screws. (And for those of you who are wondering, yes, we both use eye protection. Especially since we’re wanting to make sure nothing happens to Josh’s good eye, we both had eye protection on the whole afternoon. And when we were sawing, and making a big mess, Josh had goggles that completely cover and protect his eyes) You know what, it was no big deal, and he was very careful.

Here you can see a bit of the mess we’re making. One of the shelf frames is visible on the right side on the floor.


We’re using all 2×4 construction. We want them to be good and strong, and we’re hanging them from the rafters and attaching to the walls. We don’t want any posts on the floor, or things that might get in the way of vehicle doors, or especially train building!

By about 8:00 PM we had the first shelf up, you can see it hanging in this picture! (It was kind of creative getting it up, but with Katherine’s help, and some creative wood clamps, and no small amount of measuring, levelling, and measuring again, we got it in.


I’m sure you’re thinking “Todd, you’re a pro” but no, I’m tired and sore, but these shelves will never come down. Although I was hoping my kids didn’t have a camera around, as I was wondering if we were going to have an AFV moment today!

By 8:45 we had both shelves up, now there’s just some trimming to do on the support posts, and we’ll start getting organized again. We did a bit of stress test, and Josh could hang from the shelves, and so could I, and they didn’t move a millimetre! (That’s really small for those of you still thinking in inches!)


Whew! We are all tired, but it was a wonderful evening hanging out with Josh. He was incredibly helpful, and he got to try everything, and he spent a lot of time organizing all of my screws that got mixed up, and even spent some time “surfing” on the 2×4’s with Katherine!

Next step, more shelves to the right, but the next ones will be only 18 inches deep, not 24 like these.


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  1. Great work, the shelves look great but I’m more impressed by the father/son moments. Thanks for sharing another day in the life of the Strathmore Kennedy’s.

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