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What makes a good day?

July 22, 2012

How do you decide what day will be a good day? Is it a day that is well planned and executed perfectly? Or is it a day where nothing goes as planned? Or can it be either one?

Today kinda ended up being both! A friend of mine was telling me that saskatoons could be found at the Wyndham-Carseland provincial park. And for the past couple of days, a number of times a lack of saskatoons has come up in conversation. You see, when we lived in Barrhead, only a few KM down the road was the most awesome U-Pick, with awesome fruit and awesome prices. Awesome, right? But now we’re having a hankering for some saskatoons.

So the opportunity for some saskatoons was just too much excitement to pack up! Rhonda, Hannah, Josh, and I took off in search of the amazing black/blue berries filled with sweetness to be mixed in with some cream or put in a pie, or cooked into jam.

Got to Wyndham-Carseland, and drove all the way in to the day use area. We got out, walked up a path a bit, and couldn’t see anything. Nothing. Nada. Just lots of bugs and some heat. Fortunately a very friendly walker came by and said they thought they saw them in the A loop. So back to the truck, and over to the A loop we went. Drove all around, nothing. Crossed the highway, nothing, tried the other side of the river, nothing. Even stopped at the little store where they sell ice cream, and the young girls there said “Um, heard maybe across the highway, down the road” So not helpful.

Alas, we decided to settle for just a nice drive in the country, and started heading home to Strathmore, quite sadlike. I thought maybe we’ll just quickly drop into Carseland, so everyone can see what our school is like, and see the hamlet.

Well just before Carseland, we saw the sign for the Carseland Weir, so we decided to check it out.

It was a day-saver! We drove out to the weir – any idea what a weir is? (By the way typing “weir” is very hard. My fingers always want to complete it as weird, and I’m constantly hitting backspace to correct weird to weir – I can’t tell you how many times it took me to get that sentence right!)

Anyway, a weir is like a dam, it causes water to pool behind it, but also over, so to help the river and how it works in flood situations, etc.

It was cool! We got to hang around the weir for about 40 minutes throwing rocks into the water, listening to the water spill over, watching some of the birds flying right over the top of the water, seeing pelicans. It was fun. Josh said it was the best day! And it’s loud by the weir, it’s on the Bow River, which is really high right now, and it was RUSHING! Whoa! The pictures are cool, but you can’t hear the sound, which is too bad.




After some time playing by the weir, we headed back to Strathmore, and had a bit of a quieter evening. Well, until Josh, Katherine, and I took a bike ride all the way to Kinsmen park and back! We got to visit briefly with Pat and Brian at the park, and try to wear the little boy out.

All in all, it was a good day. Did I mention Rhonda took out some steaks that we barbeque’d for supper? Mmmmm. Wonderful!

It was a nice day, before a busier week. Katherine’s working lots this week, Hannah has some shifts, and a dozen books to read, and Josh has basketball camp every afternoon! Wahoo!


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