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Early Morning Breakfast

July 21, 2012

Have I mentioned how proud I am of my kids? I’m thinking I probably have, but in case I haven’t – I sure am proud of my kids!

So the story begins with last night. Our church was privileged to host 13 bicycle riders who are part of Ride 2012 – There are two groups or riders: one going from Winnipeg East and the other going from Winnipeg West. We hosted the West-moving contingent last night. Huge shout out and thanks to Pastor Darrell, and Alice & Leonard Le Cerf who did all the cooking, food prep and organization. I was lucky enough to drop in and help host the group. After dinner, and some had been billeted out, there was was a small group of 5 men who were staying in the church. Before I left for the evening, I checked to see if they needed anything – and they only had one request – popcorn.

Well, those of you who know me, know how much I love popcorn, and we have long had tastes for good popcorn. So I quickly ran home, picked up the popcorn machine and fixings, and was headed back to the church. But Josh says “can I come too?” So he did, and we made popcorn and set out some pop for the guys. And they were very kind to me and to Josh!

Note: We had a small window of opportunity to visit with some of the riders, and they were fantastic. They are regular people like you and I who have fundraised and are using this remarkable opportunity to share the love of Christ. We really appreciated their candor and willingness to get to know us – I hope that we have made some friends!

So the plan was to leave them (the riders) to their own devices for breakfast, but on the way home I was thinking – maybe we can help with that. So I said to the kids when I got home, which was like close to 10:00 PM – “Anyone want to come and help make breakfast in the morning for the riders? it will mean getting up at 5:30 AM!” Josh and Hannah were home and they said “Absolutely” Katherine was at work until 10:30 PM, and she said sure.

5:30 came, the alarm went off, I woke up the kids, and they literally jumped out of bed and we headed to the church. The kids and I made a breakfast of bacon, eggs, potatoes, set out fruit, yogurt, etc. (thanks to Darrell, Alice, and Len for getting all the stuff) and served breakfast and did dishes. I was so proud of my kids, they volunteered to do everything from cutting up fruit to washing dishes. The Ride 2012 team was out by 7:30 AM, and we were cleaned up and heading home by 8:00 AM.

Imagine that? The kids and I got up at 5:30, made a big breakfast, cleaned up, and got home before 8:00 AM! Normally on a Saturday morning it’s rare to see most of our kids before 9:00 AM.

Thank you to my wonderful children for sacrificing some time and sleep to do something generous for some strangers! And thanks to the strangers for being so nice and wonderful to our kids, and making this generous sacrifice to bring awareness to inner city churches.

My wife and I pondered this quite a bit today, and it’s something we have been missing. Our family really enjoys doing things for other people, hosting, and doing some service work. And since our move to Strathmore we haven’t been able to do as much, as it’s been hard to find the right place to serve. But after this morning, we will re-double our efforts to serve wherever we can, and find the right place!

ps. Stole this picture from Matt, one of the riders, who used it in a Facebook post. It’s us making breakfast!



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  1. I’m proud of you and your kids. Great job Todd.

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