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Strathmore is BBQ Town!

July 15, 2012

Yesterday was BBQ Town day in Strathmore!

President’s Choice and the Food Network had been running a contest for the last couple of months asking people to vote for their community, and thus host a big town wide BBQ. The grand prize for the top vote-getting town was a BBQ for like 5,000 people and a Hedley concert!

The bad news was, Strathmore wasn’t the top one. But we were the second from the top one, and the only one in the top 10 West of Ontario!

So, this weekend, the President’s Choice people and Food Network descended on Strathmore and had the most awesome BBQ you could imagine! The “prize” was to be a BBQ for up to 2,000 people, and it was to be held at Kinsmen Park from 2 to 7 PM on Saturday, July 14th.

Friday evening we were out doing errands and we drove by the park, and boy, was it hopping! (Yes, this is the day BEFORE the BBQ). There were BBQ’s out, tents setup, chairs and tables, and of course the requisite set of porta-potties. We’re thinking this looks like a big deal.

Saturday afternoon rolls along, and we drive on down at 2 PM to see what’s up.

Holy big crowd of people batman, this was crazy busy! The President’s Choice folks had different stations setup in different areas of the park. There was the drink station, where you could get sparkling juice and water, the snack station where they had carrot sticks and penguins. (Like Chedder Gold Fish). They had a Kabob station, an ice cream station, and a BBQ station. The line ups were long at all the stations, but they moved fast enough. But you didn’t have time to get bored, oh no, no no. You were visiting with your neighbours, or you were watching the clowns on stilts or the guy juggling flaming stuff, or listening to the great music they had playing the whole time.

Oh yes, and they also had face painting, and other activities. And of course our illustrious mayor spoke briefly thanking everyone!

And did I mention everything was FREE? Yep, completely free. No cost to those who came by whatsoever! This was a huge slam dunk by President’s Choice! Biggest BBQ I’ve ever been to, really good food, the atmosphere was a lot of fun, and all the staff and volunteers were absolutely fantastic!

Thank you everyone in the Town of Strathmore who voted so we could win this awesome prize, but a HUGE thank you to President’s Choice and the Food Network for putting on this incredible day!

Here’s the sign that was setup at the entrance:


The Drink Zone tent


One of the many signs describing where to go


The Kabob tent – You could have either lamb or chicken and Nan bread. Mmmm.!!!…


The BBQ Zone tent – Sirloin burger, or sliders, or hot dogs, and lots of salads and chips


Some of the line ups.



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