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Kelowna Vacation – Last Full Day

July 7, 2012

So it’s your last full day of vacation in Kelowna. You’ve been here a week, you’ve done the farmers market, checked out the bee place, and an orchard. You’ve ridden the train on the Kettle Valley Railway, you’ve road the Myra Canyon Trestles, and you’ve done the Zipzone zipline. Your in the city that is famous for it’s lake. What to do?

Well you rent a boat of course and a three person tube! (What you say? Rent a boat??? Like does Todd know how to drive a boat? Todd is a nerd type, not a goof around with a ski-boat type, right?) Ha! Well to all you naysayers, I say Fooey!

Yep, we got up early, and rented a boat for FOUR hours, that’s 240 minutes of fun! On a huge lake! We did the paperwork, and safety check at 8:45 AM, and by 9:15 we were out on the water! And it was awesome! There are a number of great things about being on the water by 9:15. First it’s not as hot as the afternoon will be, although it was 24-26 degrees. But secondly, and most importantly, you pretty much have the lake to yourself! Which is incredible! It’s a huge lake, but the more traffic on it, the more congested it is, and you have to pay even more attention!

So Rhonda and the kids and I took off for four hours of screaming in delight while the kids bounced around on the tube behind the boat! We used 72 Litres of fuel, about a litre of sunscreen (still wasn’t enough), and lots of laughing and goofing around!

It takes a bit of getting used to, driving the boat that is, in such a way that the children on the tube have fun, and don’t get bounced off – too much! One time we went a little fast, they bounced about six feet in the air and Katherine went flying off! Todd got in big trouble, but she was fine. Jumped back on and went for some more! Rhonda even took a turn driving so Todd got to ride the tube (ask the kids if they liked her driving…)

Everyone got to ride, everyone got to spot, everyone had so much fun that they pretty much fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon!

Here’s a couple of quick pictures:




Of course everyone would like to buy a boat, but their Dad is too cheap, and their Mom is too practical. So maybe the next time we’re in the Okanagan, and we have a spare day, just maybe, we’ll do it again!

Had a great supper tonight, chicken, potatoes, and some shrimp. Mmmm. After we enjoyed a concert in the park with Kytami. It’s hard to describe what she sounds like, other than it’s like an amazing electric fiddle. Truly amazing. Sadly the overall effect was somewhat lost with the other two folks she was sharing the stage with. But check her music out on iTunes, pretty impressive.

After we got back, and while we were packing up, I setup a bubble bath for Josh. He was so tired from a great day – but he was tickled with having a super fun bubble bath! Here’s a picture:



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