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Josh and Jimmy

July 7, 2012

Forgot a small little event from Thursday! On our way back from the Kettle Valley Railway, we stopped at a fruit stand. Did you know there is like a fruit stand like every 500 Metres or so here in BC? It’s crazy! I thought it was odd that there’s a BC fruit stand all over the place in Alberta, but it’s even worse here! Well, maybe worse isn’t the right word. Everyone is into their own marketing, and people are pretty picky about where they pick up their fruit!

I digress.

We stopped at this fruit stand because Rhonda is bound and determined to buy some BC Cherries IN BC. (Hasn’t happened yet, running out of time). As we walking up to the building, we see a sign on one end, so we walk around, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a little enclosure right beside the building with a goat in it. (Now I’m told that you need a serious fence in order to keep a goat in – like if it can keep water in, it can keep a goat in.) The fence must have been seven feet high, and very strong.

Anyway there’s a sign that says Jimmy the Goat. So Josh visited with Jimmy for about 10 minutes, feeding him grass, and trying to be friendly in a way that nervous little eight year olds around animals they aren’t familiar with can be.

He had a good visit with Jimmy.



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