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Kelowna Vacation – Ziplining!

July 4, 2012

It started just like another typical vacation day. Everyone slept in a little bit, and although groggy, we were all sitting around the breakfast table at about 8:30 AM. When suddenly, there was a knock on the door! What? Do we know anyone in Kelowna? Who found us! “Housekeeping” Since when does housekeeping come at 8:30 in the morning? I guess today. Fortunately they said they’d come back in an hour! Whew! A reprieve! An hour to clean up!;)

So we started the day at the Kelowna Famers’ Market. It is billed as the largest farmers’ market in B.C. so we were excited. Rhonda and the girls to find something interesting, Josh and I were hoping for mini-donuts. It’s basically setup in a parking lot, and it’s packed! People are buying fruit like it’s going out of season! I’m thinking it must be a good place for fruit if the locals are buying it by the case! The biggest things I’m seeing going out are Cherries and Strawberries. The one vendor just inside the entrance can’t keep it on the table – as soon as he brings out another case, it gets picked up by another customer!

We wandered for about an hour, lots of “organic” must be big here. Bought some Kettle Corn – and yes, this one actually rivals the Kettle Corn from the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market in Edmonton, although a little more expensive. Also picked up a freshly squeezed lemonade for $3.50. Yikes, it was dreadful! But I suppose if you’re into that sort of thing, it was great! Saw more interesting stuff, like pressed flowers, wood stuff, but nothing that we wanted badly enough to haul home to Strathmore!

We figured housekeeping might still be in our place, so we walked across the street to the Orchard Mall. Josh is like “can I say in the truck?” And we’re like “nope.” We drag him out into the parking lot and we walk in the mall entrance. Wouldn’t you know that Todd & Josh’s favourite store is the first door on the right? Yep, you guessed it – Chapters! We spent the next 45 minutes looking at books – it was awesome. When it was finally time to go we had some great finds, a joke book for $5 and a Menthos launcher – more on that another time.

So back to the hotel, lunch, and a quick swim, and then, we’re off to our afternoon adventure.

Where is our adventure? Just a little outside of Peachland, 8 KM up the mountain is ZipZone Adventure Park. Over 6750 feet of ziplines, one is 380 feet in the air above the canyon. Sidebar: All of us, except for Josh have done the zipline at Camp Nakamun – which is great, but it’s nothing compared to ZipZone.

ZipZone has six zip lines at different heights, each criss-crossing a canyon. They are awesome! You go as a group, with some fantastic guides, and you zip across from line to line. Takes about 2.5 hours in all, by the time you do each zip line. The first one is the highest one, and it takes about 42 seconds to cross. (Seems short doesn’t it? It’s not!) You are almost 400 feet from the ground, nothing but you, and the harness and a steel cable. Whoa! Not for the faint of heart! Rhonda was the most nervous, and she didn’t want to step off the first one, but she made it! Josh, Katherine, and Hannah loved it! Hannah brought her camera and we were taking pictures and videos all afternoon. Our guides were delightfully funny, and very safety conscious.

The scariest part (for Rhonda) was the fourth zip line. It’s one of the shortest ones, but I was the second one to go across (after Josh). I took off, and was having a great run, and reached the other side, but the brake system that stopped me, didn’t catch, and I ended up going back down the zip line. NOTE: This is not supposed to happen. You’re supposed to get to the other end and be done. Going back is not good. I end up somewhere in about the middle of the line, stopped, hanging a couple of hundred feet above the canyon floor. It’s great! Rhonda is having a cow, and Josh is looking a little worried on the other side. But have no fear, the amazing Dion ties himself on, slides out, hooks me up, and drags me to the other side. I basically get bonus time in mid-air. Very cool.

The second last line we’re supposed to go upside down. They actually give us special harnesses so there is room to dangle upside down – and we all do it! What a riot!

We had so much fun, doing something that many people don’t. If you ever have the opportunity, take it, it’s worth doing!

Back to Kelowna, made some pizza’s, watched some Storage Wars, and into bed for everyone!

We’ve got lots of pictures, but we won’t be able to post them until we get home! Here’s a quick shot from the top of the valley, you can barely see the steel cables!


What’s on tomorrow’s list? Kettle Valley Railroad!


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