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Okotoks Grad Celebration

July 3, 2012

Have you ever had one of those friends you’ve grown up with, spent your entire life with, and can’t imagine what you would do without?

We’re very fortunate in that our girls both have had friends like this, since pretty much birth. Katherine and Hannah have been friends with Emily and Katie since they were babies. And it was our privilege to visit Okotoks on Saturday to celebrate Emily’s graduation from High School, along with her family and other close friends.

Yes, if you’ve been reading, we have done a lot of travelling in the past couple of days, returning from San Diego at 1:30 AM on Friday, going to Barrhead at 6:30 AM on Friday. Returning to Strathmore by 1:00 PM on Saturday, and in Okotoks by 5:00 PM. But this is minor compared to the highlight of being with great friends.

Colin and Gina hosted all of us in their backyard, in some beautiful weather, along with some amazing food. We ended up hanging out until almost 11:00 PM – and you didn’t even notice the time! It was great catching up with them, Elmer and Pearl, Mary and Bernie, Cheryl, and her new husband Ivan, Debbie, and the amazing folks-who-I-can’t-remember-their-names from Medicine Hat. (sorry it’s late, and I’m half asleep).

Congratulations Emily on being rewarded for your very hard work throughout High School! We know you’ll be successful in whatever you end up doing, and thank you for being such a great friend! You are like another daughter to us, and we very much look forward to seeing what incredible things you accomplish in your life!


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