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Kelowna Vacation Part 3

July 3, 2012

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you are awakened by an eight year old? Some of you might say “Why is there an eight year old in my house?” Others may say “What time did the eight year old wake you up?” Time doesn’t matter as much as his reason for waking me up. Perhaps he wants breakfast? Perhaps he wants attention? Perhaps he needs to go to the bathroom?

Today, it’s “let’s go swimming Dad!” So I barely have my eyes open and we are heading down to the pool for an hour of chasing Josh around and playing catch with a beach ball. By the end, you are definitely awake! It was a good start to the day!

The weather wasn’t gorgeous today, but it wasn’t raining out, so we decided to head up to Vernon to check out some “agri-tourism” stuff.

First stop: Davison Orchards Country Village
It’s an orchard! Nope, we haven’t been to one, so this one seems like a great place to start! Upon arrival, it began pouring rain. Literally coming down in buckets and buckets and buckets. No worries, they have a huge “country village store” with all kinds of things to taste and try, and stuff to look at and buy. (Hey, it rhymes!) We spent probably 45 minutes wandering around taking it all in, and seeing what was in the store. But then we were done. No worries, Davison Orchards has regular 30 minute tours, in their own tractor pulled train. Sadly the rain cancelled the tours. So no worries, we did the next best thing, and went into their little cafe for some home made pie. Mmmm.. Delicious. Very, very delicious.





They had a great view of Vernon too!


Next Stop: Planet Bee
Wouldn’t you know, but just down the street from Davison Orchards is Planet Bee. These folks sell everything “bee”, from honey to mead to t-shirts to vitamin supplements. The highlight is a 50 minute presentation about honey bees, and honey and by-products. It was absolutely awesome! Who knew that bees were so interesting? Did you know that the Queen typically lives about 5 years, whereas a drone or worker may only live a few weeks? Amazing. Did you know that Honey actually has many healing properties and is actually quite good for you? Did you know that honey will vary depending on the type of flowers the bees are drinking nectar from? We tested a bunch of different honey’s that have nothing added, but are vastly different. Our favourite was honey from Okanagan Wild Flowers. We tasted honey from clover, which is what we’re used to… bland and boring. Wow! We had such a great time here, and at the end of the presentation, they gave each of us a jar of honey to take home. This was totally worth the drive, the rain, and the bad weather. If you are ever in Vernon or anywhere in the Okanagan, definitely make this one of your stops!


Finished off the day with a nice BBQ on the third floor, more swimming. (Josh says it’s the best holiday ever, he got to swim before breakfast, before supper, and after supper – no charge!) Met some folks from Victoria at the pool – they were heading home tomorrow. Apparently it’s only about a four hour drive to the ferry terminal from here. Who would have known? I am wondering why we haven’t come to Kelowna before now? Who knew?

What’s up tomorrow? Well, we’re hoping to go to the Kelowna Farmer’s Market, and, if the weather is just right, we’ll be doing some ziplining!

Go to Kelowna Vacation – Ziplining


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  1. Davisons are actually people from the church in Vernon. He was on the board at VAC when my dad was pastor there in the 1960s. They are very nice people and it is amazing to see what they have done with their orchard. Glad you were able to see it.

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