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Kelowna Vacation Part 2

July 3, 2012

continued from Kelowna Vacation Part 1

Part 2 – Monday July 2

Woke up today and pinched myself – I’m not driving for 9+ hours today! Hooray! It is going to be a GREAT day! All the kids were excited today, the room we’re in is very nice. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms. Josh gets the pull out couch and his own TV, and we even have a kitchen with – you guessed it, a dishwasher! Yaayyy!!!

The kids started off with a swim in the pools. No, that’s not a typo, there are multiple pools. In fact there is an indoor/outdoor pool, which is a very good size, and quite warm. An indoor hot tub, an outdoor hot tub, and a large outdoor pool. Lots of room. I think they were swimming and goofing around for over an hour. Although we discovered we forgot Josh’s and Hannah’s swim goggles at home, but we managed to save the day and find some for Josh. Hannah needs prescription goggles, so I guess she’s going to have to just deal with it. Fortunately she’s older and better able to handle it than the 8 year old!

Shopping for Groceries
After the swim we headed out to Extra Foods, looking to pick up some groceries for the week. It’s not often that all five of us go grocery shopping, we must have looked like tourists! Oh well, it was fun. Even picked up some ice cream…. Mmmm. Banana Split flavour. Fortunately there was a dollar store right nearby so we could get some of the essentials that are only available there!

Boat lagoon lock
There is the coolest thing here. The hotel and resort has it’s own kind of private harbour. But, the water is much higher than Lake Okanagan which it’s connected to. So there is a little lock, staffed by a person all day long that helps boats move in and out. When they are coming in, the water level goes down to the lake level, then slowly fills until the boat is at the harbour level. Very cool. We stood and watched it go up and down once. The inside harbour while not huge, well, it’s pretty huge. These pictures are just a very small part of it, the view from just outside our window.



Ducks and Fish
Walking down to the waterfront from our hotel, and after passing a small beach, we came upon a wetlands area, which a boardwalk. When we stopped in the middle to look around, we saw a lot of ducks – obviously looking for some food, AND, some massive fish! Sheesh, I didn’t think there would be so many big fish right nearby, but like the ducks, I think they were expecting some food. The fish and the ducks would fight for the seeds being tossed over. Sometimes the ducks would get annoyed with the fish, and peck them to get lost, sometimes the fish would nip at the duck’s tale feathers. We must have stood there watching for 40 minutes!




On the way back we paused briefly at the beach so the kids could get in the water a bit. I said to Rhonda it’s unlikely the boy can leave without getting wet, and sure enough, he was getting pretty wet when we left!



Ticket to Ride
We had had enough snacks that no one was too hungry, so we had a good round of Ticket to Ride. Yes, although he only finished two routes, Todd won the game! Should have planned some sort of reward right? So off for another swim, while supper was cooking.

Why even mention supper in the blog? Okay, so we were really late, we ate supper at about 9:00 PM – chicken drumsticks and mac & cheese. Was the end of a good day. Josh went to bed right away, and the rest of us stayed up for a little bit.

Aren’t vacations great?


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  1. Very nice, it looks like you had a great time.

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