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Kelowna Vacation Part 1

July 3, 2012

Last Summer we didn’t do much family vacation, actually, come to think of it – we didn’t do any! Our vacation was moving!

So this year we’ve decided to go all out, and yes, we’re going to have a family holiday! At the very last minute, Rhonda found a great ad on Kijiji, and we bought a family’s week of timeshare in Kelowna. So we’re off to some vacationing in BC, in an area we haven’t visited before!

One of the great things about the week, is we’re getting a two-bedroom, fully furnished, and equipped condo – all we have to do is bring clothes, and food. Hooray!

Being as it’s been such a busy week, we decided we would leave “When we’re ready” on Sunday. I was hoping it would be like 9 AM – in the end, we left the house at 11:30 AM – so much for leaving early!

Headed out, and our first stop was at the visitor centre in Canmore. Brought out our sandwiches, bottled water, ketchup chips, cherries and trail mix. Sat on a picnic table and celebrated our Canada Day lunch with the spitting of cherry pits. The kids ended up in a competition to see who could spit the farthest. (yes, we degenerate on vacation.) I like to quote Bono – he says that “families have the right to be ridiculous” once in a while. So we’re being ridiculous.


While we were at the visitor centre, we discovered they were serving juice and cake celebrating Canada Day, and a few other activities. So we had our cake, and then we had to hit the road.

Next stop – yes, we’re good at driving long – Rogers Pass Visitor Centre. We were definitely ready for a leg stretch now! Got out walked around a bit, and saw a bunch of people taking pictures of squirrels. We walked over, and the tamest, chubbiest squirrels around were looking for hand-outs. Needless to say we didn’t have anything, but they were more than willing to come right up to your hand and look for food. We got quite a kick out of the group of them, and so did the bus-load of tourists who were also quite enamoured with the little critters.

Of course the tourists had just finished photo sessions with a ceremonially dressed Mountie! So we were talking to the RCMP member, and asked if he got the short straw today, and got to hang out to get his picture taken. He was quite surprised we asked, and the answer was “no, I volunteered for this”. He was in the parade in Revelstoke in the morning, and spent the afternoon posing for pictures with tourists. What a great sport! We took advantage of his expertise and asked him about the driving distance to Kelowna. He reminded us of the flooding in BC, and suggested go to Salmon Arm and then to Kelowna. Thank you sir! You saved us a lot of time.

Here’s a quick picture of the kids and the scenery at Rogers Pass Visitor Centre:


We’re on our way once again, and lo and behold we make it to Revelstoke. (quick sidebar: Rhonda volunteered to drive from the Rogers Pass Visitor Centre. She did not enjoy her experience driving on the BC roads one bit! The road was not in great shape, crazy corners, and psycho other drivers had her stressed out by the time we arrived in Revelstoke – needless to say, she didn’t volunteer to drive any more!)

Did I mention the speed limit throughout the mountains is pretty much 90 KM/H? And it seems fast when you are on their roads. But things definitely take longer when you’re not doing 110 KM/H!

After a quick fuel up in Revelstoke, and a quick pitstop at Timmy’s – we’re on the road again. Next stop: Salmon Arm. Along the way we went through Sicamous – home of the serious house boat industry, and one entrance to the incredible Shuswap lakes. Wow! Is it ever amazing, and huge! Crazy! We didn’t think we’d be interested in houseboating, but now, we’re thinking about it again. Made it to Salmon Arm, and a quick stop at McDonalds, and finally on the way again to Kelowna.

Arrived in Kelowna at about 8:30 PM (local BC time), after more than 9 hours of travelling. Whew! That was a long day! Checked in, and of course, being Canada Day, we took advantage of doing the fireworks with the rest of the city. Turns out they are done in the lake, off a barge, just behind where we’re staying – so we joined thousands of other people watching the fireworks. Finally got back about 11:15 PM, and hit the sack. Lights out, everyone was asleep in minutes!

Katherine took this picture with her phone!


Looking forward to tomorrow!

On to Part 2


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