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Barrhead Grad

July 2, 2012

So Katherine and I had the wonderful opportunity to return to Barrhead to attend Grad for Barrhead Composite. For those of you readers who many not know, this is the school Katherine would have graduated from had her father not moved her to Strathmore in August of 2011.

Needless to say she was invited by a number of friends to go back.

Step back a few hours. You’ll note that her wonderful and amazing father didn’t get home from ISTE 2012 in San Diego until about 1:30 AM Friday morning. And he dutifully got up early, and they left the house at 6:30 AM the same morning for the 4.5 hour drive to Barrhead. The things we do for our kids.

There were 142 kids graduating this year, which was a pretty good sized class. Was it interesting? Was it boring? Did it last forever? Well certainly there were a couple of things that did take a while, but it was really nice to see these kids, most of whom we’ve known since they were in Kindergarten, grow up. Lucas and Hayley did a most excellent job of being MC’s for the event, and there were lots of neat things.

I would say one of the highlights was listening to the words of wisdom from Principal Garbutt. I don’t know him well, as he came to the school at about the same time we were leaving. However he is definitely the right person! His speech was excellent. He spoke directly to the students, encouraging them, and using stories from the year. He allowed himself to be vulnerable, and let the students know he was a real person. I knew it was going to be interesting once he started “disrobing” as he was too “constricted.” Under the robes he was wearing a Livestrong shirt and he highlighted Heidi’s plight, and her courage. He also talked about the Sr. Boys 4×100 relay, and ripped off his tear away pants to reveal 60’s athletic short shorts. The man had the whole place laughing! Good job Dave!

The ceremony had it’s fun, pokes at some teachers, some students, a grad choir, and the all important hand shake and receive a diploma.

Okay, so the best highlight for me as a Dad, was seeing the reaction of many of the graduates to seeing Katherine. A great number of students and teachers came to find her, pose for pictures, and talk – mostly everyone asking if she would be attending the evening functions, so they would have more opportunity to visit. Katherine was glowing from ear to ear! AND, she got to have her picture taken with some important people – namely Danae, Aimée, and Austin. What a bunch they were! It will be interesting to follow them for the next few years and see what happens.

One last highlight – got to sit with Nordstrom Sr – that is Pastor Clayton’s parents, and of course sister Pam. Was wonderful to catch up and visit with some incredible folks. It’s funny, we live probably 40 minutes away, but we met up in Barrhead – 4.5 hours away! Hopefully we can arrange to bump into them locally!

Thank you to Barrhead for the wonderful impact you have had on our lives, and especially on Katherine. She grew up in Barrhead, and much of her personality, and experiences were brought out by all of you.

Here’s the crew: Danae, Katherine, Austin, and Aimée


Katherine & Aimée


Katherine & Hayley



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