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More San Diego Pictures

June 26, 2012

So did some more wandering and took some more pictures, here’s a snippet:

Okay, these first two are the sails pavillion in the San Diego Convention Center. This is a very large space where ISTE Central is setup during the conference. The place to go for information, purchasing ISTE materials, seeing Affiliate booths, etc. Absolutely gorgeous.



These next two pictures are taken from the top floor, behind the convention center. In one you can see the amazing Coronado bridge, the other is a marina with some pretty awesome looking boats.



These next four are of the craziest mall I’ve ever seen. There are like 5 levels to this place, they’re all different, and it’s not super easy to get from one to the other. Just insane. The stores are all “inside” but between them, the foodcourt, etc., is all outside. Very interesting, very awkward, really cool.





Finally, on my way back to the hotel, this is a picture of the Mariott where we were staying. Very, very nice place! I am staying in the North Tower, which is the one on the right!



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