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Chromebook Classrooms

June 26, 2012

Finished off the day sitting in a Chromebook Classrooms discussion. Lots of conversation about 1:1 programs. Really the Chromebook session and 1:1 was all about Google Apps.

Biggest thing the panel found, was that most teachers and students were using Word/Excel/PowerPoint and Web-based apps ->; which implies the Chromebook would be an option!

One school put in the Chromebooks and in the first three months they received only one support call, and that was a student who left a pen on the computer and closed the screen. Putting in thousands, like 3300 + of them in one district.

Council Bluffs – 4500 chromebooks, engraved

Higher Ground Flak Jacket Plus case.

Lots of really good discussion about BYOD, access to online resources, and even textbooks. One school district suggested they spent $100 per student per year on textbooks, and that one year budget was similar to the entire rollout costs of the chromebooks. They are still working on systems to have textbooks online, or working with publishers to get their textbooks online.

One person noted that some teachers got used to Chrome extensions, that can’t be loaded onto the Chromebooks.

In many cases, although the students got Chromebooks, the teachers retained full-functioning notebooks.

Most schools and teachers just needed a gentle push or comment from their superintendent or principal, something to the effect of “It’s not if we do 1:1 or BYOD, it’s only when”

Thank you excellent presenters/panelists for some GREAT information!


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