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Monday Shred Session

June 25, 2012

Starting at 7:00 AM today, we’ve got the “Shred Session”. What is this, and why does it happen so early in the morning?

Well, instead of reading the blurb in the program to decide which session to attend, a number of the presenters get two minutes to talk, and essentially compete to have us attend their session. And the presenters keep the energy and presentations going. Seems like a very fun way to get people’s attention and get them to go to sessions throughout the day!

Todd’s note – RockStar session for teachers. We’re too anonymous, need to do a better job of selling what we do! Rock Star Teacher Summer Tech Camp

For 7 AM, the session hosts have a lot of energy, and are quite entertaining – my kind of people.

Powerpoint Karaoke – Lecture/Notes depend on focus. Lecture based class, 41% keep the knowledge, non – lecture – 74% keep it What if other people were your teachers?

Will Kimbley – – Become a Google Forms Jedi. May the Forms be With You. Google forms with instant feedback. Room 33C – $25 for a 90 minute session. 10:45 AM today – Monday. Looks very interesting, essentially on the second question of the form, the answer is there with commentary from the first – CUE can bring Rock Star Camp to our own location

Okay, so side note, CUE uses this as an advertising session.

Alice Keeler – Google Sites – 10 Tips Google Sites – Kids can pull the information from the day from the website. Everyone knows what’s going on. Alice will show people how to setup their own site. Looks good.

Grace Lau – Connecting Cultures in the Classroom – 10;15 – 10:45 AM – Room 23AB. Global Nomads Group

“The Unmasking Africa” – Live face to face interaction with students from Ghana.

Rushton Hurley – Six Simple Suggestions for Powerful Professional Development – @rushtonh

  • respect fear
  • develop an exploratory culture
  • channel inspiration
  • talk with students
  • create time
  • spend wisely

This afternoon at 2:30, Room 6A – Looks like a great session

Shawn Raymond – Google Demo Slam, 12:45, Room 1 – Google Art Project

“A funny thing happened on the way to the future. Room 1″ Adam Bellows 2:30, SDCC1 – There will be lots of interesting things, including Zombies and why school sucks, etc. Adam looks like he’ll rock. – Definitely need to have people fill the room here. Sadly it’s during my volunteer time at ISTE central. May not make it!”

Leadership lessons from the dancing guy. First follower transforms the lone nut into a leader. Best way to create a new movement, be the first follower, the true leader.


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