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ISTE Volunteering

June 25, 2012

Boy oh boy, have I found a fun way to make ISTE 2012 even MORE fun! Be a volunteer! Today I got to work in the press room and at the “Dr. is In” booth with @msedtechie Patricia Brown from Missouri.

First off, in the press room got to meet Amber and Pat and supervise the journalists and media people coming and going, making sure they’re in the right place. Amber and Pat were fantastic to visit with and we had a lot of fun!

Then I was shuffled off the Dr. is In booth – solving technical problems. Well, mostly telling people where the bathrooms are, how to log into their planners, and answering miscellaneous questions and basically creating a kafufull(is that a word?) Patricia says I should know more about Toronto.

But it’s a lot of fun talking to everyone who walks by! Actually met someone from B.C. who does know that Banff is in Alberta!

Just got to talk to a wonderful lady from Hawaii! And we met Bryan – who has been here since 7 AM! Handling Coordination of volunteers, and he lives in Pittsburgh and he is a Penguins fan! Go Sidney Crosby!

I just yelled Hi to Mr. Lewis, the new CEO and he said Hi back! I should’ve got his autograph.

Seriously, this is a great way to visit and meet people from all over the world. Everyone likes a friendly face when they are having problems. Thanks everyone for being so accommodating!

Patricia says check out

Ok, so I met Patricia’s Mom, her name is Mrs. Blue, but Patricia is Mrs. Brown. Must be a marriage in there somewhere!

Ken and Bob just had a GREAT idea – let’s get T-Shirts for everyone from ATLE for ISTE 2013 in San Antonio, and then one day, we’ll get everyone to wear them! Would look cool. Also, a great idea from Ken and Bob – ATLE should do a poster session and do cool stuff!

Today I met Moshe (pronounced MOSHA)

Did I mention that I had an awesome sandwich for lunch? Got a Turkey and Provalone sandwich and wow! Did it have a lot of meat! Here’s a picture!


Wanda stopped by the booth and she went overboard (she’s from California after all) with her ISTE ribbons. Here’s a picture! She was so friendly, she thought I was being ignored so she stopped to say hi!

This just in
Having lots of problems with the wireless, and my picture of Wanda hasn’t sync’ed from iCloud yet. Tune in later to see the picture! Update: Here it is:


Got another great idea from Jo Russell. She registered with a slightly different first name, so if someone asks for Eva, she knows it’s a vendor calling! Genius!

Volunteer Captain


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