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ISTE Board: Inside Out

June 25, 2012

For your reading pleasure, I now have the opportunity to participate in the ISTE Board: Inside Out Session. So far I have a really interesting group of people at the table, although we’re all starting to go a little overboard on the ISTE ribbons on our nametags. I’ve only got two, but Kecia Ray, has like a dozen! Sheesh!

Holly Jobe, president of ISTE Board briefly outlined the new policy governance model, Carver, which has been recently adopted. This will help clearly delineate the line between owners and the Board and staff. Holly also introduced the new CEO – Brian Lewis.

Our table had an opportunity to visit for 30 minutes about “What does the board need to know to do our work better?”

Lots of interesting discussion. Paige from Intel, Board corporate member – did a great job of speaking and asking questions. Perhaps wasn’t as good at listening… But she asked a great question, how do we help the “teachers” in the choir? What benefits are there for people to be part of ISTE?

Another teacher at the table indicated that there is a very extreme cost for them to attend the conference, and many in her affiliate have to choose their local conference or ISTE, because of cost. We were reminded that there is an online membership that is substantially discounted. Another international person suggested that most of her schools did not know what ISTE was, or that it even existed. She suggested that perhaps the “International” part of ISTE might be more lip service.

Todd’s note. I think sometimes we have to remember these opportunities to communicate with the Board are not intended as gripe and complain sessions, and that the Board does really want to hear constructive things from us.

Iowa rep: growth is in getting more teachers. Wow, same things we talk about ATLE – biggest area of growth is teachers, how do we get more in. Cost of ISTE travel, and sub costs are important.

Hmmm. Another person mentioned that SIG Officers used to get free registration, but no longer.

ISTE’s NETS are incredibly important to our affiliates and teachers.

Institutional Membership – Could there be larger scale, beyond 10? <- Todd didn't know there was such a thing. How does this work with ATLE as an affiliate?

Todd’s Notes:
ISTE Board struggles with many similar issues as ATLE Board.
How does ISTE deal with International?
How does ISTE increase conference attendance by teachers, when cost of travel, subs, etc. makes it out of reach for many? Many attendees are here completely at their own expense.
I’m not sure that including Canada in International makes sense. Very different needs by some International schools compared to us.

Board Report – Holly Jobe
Policy Governance Model
Policies set the standards for staff and the board around which to operate

Policy Areas:

  1. Ends
  2. Executive Limitations
  3. Governance Process
  4. Board/CEO Relationship

Board Role
Ownership Linkage
Policy Development
Assurance of Effective Operational Perfomance

Annual Plan of Work
Strategic Conversations
Committee Work
Linkage input
Policy refinement and monitoring

2011-12 Board Work
Adoption of Policy Governance
Revision of bylaws and policies
Created Board Election orientation packet
Reviewed the Board Composition
Conducted a CEO Search

Board Composition
Shrink board to 10-11 members (19 was very difficult to work with)
Better represent the broader ISTE community (constituency boards have a hard time seeing the big picture. So now every board member represents multiple groups)
Establish a board with a longer view (first year was so much learning, and then only had a second year to work)

2012-13 Board Work
Policy Governance Implementation
Ends Refinement and Assessment
Ownership Linkage
Monitoring/Measuring board work
Board succession – implementing BoCo plan
CEO On-boarding and Transition

Finished the morning with a door prize draw, and amazingly, Todd won! A free registration to ISTE 2013 in San Antonio! Yaaahhh!!!


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